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9 relationships you’ll find on every Contiki trip

Friends together in Portugal

Travel isn’t just about the places you go. It’s about the relationships you make along the way. That’s why all our trips are designed to bring people together, no matter who they are or where in the world they’re from. You’re a diverse bunch, and that’s why we love you. That being said, you can be a lil’…predictable sometimes. Let’s just say there are certain relationship archetypes that seem to pop up in a Contiki squad. Every single time. Can you recognise yourself in any of these?

1. Besties at first sight

At the kick-off meeting, your eyes suddenly lock together. Have you met before? In another place? In another life? Your conversation flows like wine. The wine flows like wine . You’re instantly, irrefutably, inseparable.

When you look back on your camera roll of your adventures, your instant BFF is in every shot. And though the trip is over, you know friendships like this last forever. (That’s why you’ve got another adventure booked next summer).

Friends eating Italian pasta

2. Thrifty pals

Fancy restaurants? Who needs to spend a fortune when you can hit the local markets, grab some street food, and go for a swim with your savvy partner-in-crime. You’ve put some money aside for FTAs, but aside from that, you know the best things in life are free. Especially with thrifty pals like these.

A couple smiling in front of a street in Singapore.

3. Bougie besties

Sitting on the other side of the spectrum of thrifty pals, bougie besties know they don’t get to travel the world every day, and aren’t afraid to splash the cash to make every moment count. You’ll saunter in and out of the most elegant shops Milan and Florence have to offer. You’ll sip champagne and eat oysters in Paris. You’ll try to avoid looking at your bank balance, if possible. Hey, the high life never came at a low price.

Santorini, Greece is a truly magical destination known for its breathtaking beauty and stunning architecture. The picturesque island offers a unique blend of traditional charm and contemporary luxury. From the iconic blue-dom

4. Last minute lovers

There’s a lot of love, sadness AND happiness going around on the last night as a group, and sometimes that brings people together very unexpectedly. Jess and Dan!? You have to be kidding me, I’ve never even seen them speak. And now look at them. Though I guess I still haven’t seen them speak, technically.


5. The secret crush

The blushing, the batting eyelids, the laughing a bit too long at their jokes. You think it’s a secret Contiki crush. Everyone else on the trip knows it’s the worst kept secret in the world. What are you waiting for? You only live once. Sounds like you need a little help from…

Two men in a Contiki adventure, sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean, enjoying their special relationship.

6. The cupid Trip Manager

Our Trip Managers are experts in bringing people together, and that doesn’t fall short of romance. They’ve been with you since the start of the trip, and have known all along you guys are perfect together. We’re sure they’ll even be on hand to put in a good word for you, if you ask them nicely. They have to earn their tip somehow…

A man and a woman enjoying a contiki adventure next to a beautiful canal, forming new relationships along the way.

7. The trip parents

It’s not that you’re older. You guys are just somehow…wiser. Since the beginning of the trip you’ve taken on the role of unofficial Trip Managers. You make sure tipsy travellers get home. You woke up Mike when he nearly missed the coach. You’ve got an unspoken bond and undeniable parental instincts. Even if you deny there’s anything between you, everyone else thinks you should totally have babies together someday.

A couple enjoying a romantic boat ride in Mexico.

8. The fast and furious

You don’t know if it was something in the water or if something strange came over you in Paris, but the romantic feelings have come and gone and you’re on to other things. Thank U. Next.

A man in a hat and a woman in a hat walk down a narrow street.

9. Resident foodies

You know the best way to the heart is through the stomach, and you’ve found your culinary soulmate. Feasting on tapas, trying escargot for the first time, asking locals for the best place to get pad thai…you don’t so much want to see the world, as taste the world. And no matter how far apart you are in the future, every time you smell a certain combination of flavours, you’ll think of each other and smile.

Two people smiling while holding ice cream cones during their travel with Contiki.

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