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Contiki’s newly renovated Gasthof in Austria looks unrecognisable

Gasthof Schoneck, a white building with balconies and trees in the background.

Nestled deep in the idyllic mountain vistas of the Austrian Tyrol, Contiki’s beloved Gasthof Schoneck has been blowing travellers’ minds for decades. But, after the mother of all renovations, it’s utterly unrecognisable.

Boasting ‘grammable views and epic amenities, here’s everything the new and improved Gasthof has to offer…

Cosy living room

Every Gasthof needs a space for travellers to get cosy and unwind, and Gasthof Schoneck has pretty much hit the nail on the head when it comes to plush interiors. With huge sofas, comfy corners and a TV sufficiently big enough for all your Netflix needs, the living room is decked out to the nines with nooks and crannies for you to settle down with a game of cards with your friends, or a book for a spot of alone time.

A living room with a brown leather couch and a coffee table at Gasthof Schoneck.
A woman sitting on a couch using a laptop at Gasthof Schoneck.

With these bold colours and fun accents, you could easily mistake this skiing guesthouse for an interior design showroom. Only the best for Contiki travellers…

A living room with couches, chairs, and a tv at Gasthof Schoneck.

Trendy dining room

Food, glorious food! That will certainly be the vibe after a full day of snow filled fun. To travel is to eat, and you’ll be munching on schnitzel on handmade Austrian wood tables that are big enough to accommodate the whole squad for dinner. Forget staring at a blank wall as you eat, a super ‘grammable mural will keep your eyes occupied.

A group of people dining at Gasthof Schoneck.

Well, you know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day – especially when you’ve got a whole day of alpine activities ahead of you. With bright colours that are bound to wake you up on an early start, check out the super chic breakfast bar.

A man standing at the counter of Gasthof Schoneck.

In-house Bar

A Gasthof with its own bar – say what!? Damn straight, and it’s pretty much the perfect place to unwind after a long day of shredding the slopes. An Austrian beer, a soul-warming hot choccy or even a cocktail, the staff are ready to whip up whatever you fancy as you swap stories with the squad.


A woman is pouring a beer at Gasthof Schoneck.

After a drink or two, there’s a ping pong table and dance floor at the ready for you to show your competitors what you’ve got. Dance off anyone?

A group of people playing ping pong at Gasthof Schoneck.

Comfy bedrooms

Okay, so we’ve given you plush supersize sofas and artistic murals, but we know that the most important part of any accomodation is how comfy the rooms are. We’ve all had the classic struggle of sprinting to the bathroom to use the sink first in the mornings, but no more – each room is decked out with its very own sink, separate showers and a toilet.

A group of girls in a room at Gasthof Schoneck with a sign that says wake me up.

The breathtaking Alpine views of the tyrol are half of the allure. No matter what room you’re in, you’ll wake up to scenes of snow-capped mountains or sun-kissed vistas (depending on the season, obvs). The rooms have even got enough wardrobe space to accommodate all your changes of clothes, so the dreaded ‘floordrobe’ scenario will be a thing of the past.

A bunk bed at Gasthof Schoneck with the words living the dream on it.

Have your socks been blown off yet? We hope so. Head here to get more info on visiting Gasthof Schoneck with Contiki.