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Top 5 unmissable things to do in Innsbruck (besides skiing)


As someone who spent the majority of her formative years in Tropical Australia, I had dreamed of seeing snow since infancy. Was it white and fluffy like it seems to be in movies? Or was it more like the ice you get on the walls of your freezer? One thing was for sure, I was going to find out. It took 24 years to get to experience snow and it all happened in the magical town of Innsbruck.

If you make it to this snowy paradise anytime soon, here are the top things to do in Innsbruck that will guarantee an unforgettable trip:

1. Frollick in the snow

I am sure that my company that day couldn’t believe how quickly a level headed 23 year old could revert to an excited 4 year old. Everything about snow was new and exciting, I was a child in a toy shop. Obviously, the first thing you SHOULD do in snow if it is your first time is take it in. Touch it, throw it, lay down in it, let it soak your clothes and freeze your extremities.


2. Sit back and take in the view in the deck chairs

When and if the excitement subsides, the deck chairs will provide you front row seats to take in that view. Personally, I have never seen anything so beautiful at such heights before. To make sitting with this view much better, there was lively music playing in the background and it provided the perfect atmosphere to ponder and get to know new friends (plus get a few photos).


3. Drink Hot Chocolate in the Lodge

If you prefer something a little more ascetic, the Lodge provides refuge from the cold and also is fully equipped with Hot Chocolate. You’re always bound to find a fellow Contiki friend looking for some warmth and a sweet treat to give you your afternoon energy fix.

4. Enjoy the Schnapps at the Schnapp Bar

When in Rome, we do as the Romans do. When in Austria, we drink Schnapps. In the middle of the snow field, there was a Bar. In this bar they had Schnapps for 6 Euro. Not only did they have Schnapps for 6 Euro but they also had a large variety of flavored Schnapps for 6 Euro.  And that is really all that mattered.



5. Hike to the peaks (Weather Permitting)

When you take the second Gondola to the top, you are greeted with another gram-worthy view and the opportunity to climb to higher heights. Climbing a mountain in Austria (cue sound of music soundtrack) sounded fun to me, in theory. On the coach to Innsbruck, I had romantic images of me conquering that peak and in doing so, my fears and failures of the life I left at home. While the winds were unrelenting, I have it on good authority that these conditions are temporary.

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