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As Contiki’s Social Media Manager, these are the questions I get asked literally every day

A social media manager using a laptop on a wooden table.

Hi, your friendly neighbourhood social media manager and content chica Danielle here. The rumours are true, I am the person behind the screen on our social media platforms (including popular ones such as Facebook and Instagram) and I’m here to spill ALL the goss and secrets! Just kidding, but so many people think I have a cool job but don’t really understand what I do, so here’s an insight into a normal working day and the questions I usually answer as Contiki’s Social Media Manager:

“Do you just sit on Facebook all day?”

I get this one a lot and the answer is yes. BUT! I’m allowed to, because I spend a good portion of my day posting online, scheduling new content, answering travellers questions, researching the next trends in social media and my favourite bit, making memes.

“What are Contiki’s luggage restrictions?!”

I get this question AT LEAST once a day, and guys, do not stress. The measurements you get in your trip documents are a guide only. We don’t expect everyone’s suitcase to be the exact same dimensions and it’s okay if your bag is a bit wider or longer; the main part you have to stick to is the weight limit of 20kgs. That’s for safety reasons as our wonderful drivers and Trip Managers aren’t all Arnold Schwarzenegger and can’t safely lift super heavy bags. Also if you’re on a boat trip like Greek Sailing, you might sink the boat if you all have 50kg bags!

“Do you get many solo travellers?”

This is one of my favourite questions and I never get sick of answering because I have been a solo traveller on Contiki and it changed my life! We get plenty of people travelling alone on all our trips, in every country, of every age. You’ll be paired up with a room mate (who is also likely a solo traveller too!), make friends right away and never be alone, so Contiki is perfect for the solo traveller who doesn’t want to be totally alone. If you’re on the fence, do it.

A Contiki social media manager is walking down the street with a frisbee.

“Where can I find a Facebook group for my trip?”

I know I said I sit on Facebook all day but I don’t have time to make groups for every trip, so it’s up to you guys to make them for your trips I’m afraid. We encourage everyone to use the My Contiki space because it has a lot of cool stuff in there (like your trip documents) but we know some people just adore Facebook and that’s fine too. You can search for a group, ask on the chat section of My Contiki, or join our Contiki Travel Community Facebook group and search for fellow travellers under our weekly ‘Find My Trip Friday’ post.

“Where should I travel next?”

Giving recommendations is the MOST fun! It makes me happy that so many people trust Contiki (and me!) to help them choose the perfect holiday. I always suggest browsing the Contiki website to narrow it down to a continent, and then think about your must-sees. When you think of America do you think The Big Apple, or boot scooting in cowboy boots? That gives me some insight into what kind of trip you’d like and then we can go from there! However, the very best Contiki trip EVER (in my opinion) is the Grand Southern and I will recommend it to ANYONE.

“How do I get your job?”

OK, maybe I don’t get this question EVERY day (more like every second day ) and I’m not going to lie, this is my dream job. It’s amazing. In fact, most jobs in social media or travel are I’ve noticed, and the key to landing one is to walk the walk! If you want to write, start writing! We have a community contributor program where ANYONE can submit a travel story to get you started. If you want to work in social media, get familiar with the platform and try things on your personal page first. If you want to work in travel, TRAVEL! Travel jobs always welcome first-hand experience on their resumes. There’s more about how I got my job as Contiki’s social media manager here.

A black and white tour bus parked in front of a building, managed by a Contiki social media manager.