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9 insider secrets you wish you’d known before travelling on a Contiki

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You’ve chosen your Contiki tours, booked your flights, packed your bags and mentally prepared to embark on the adventure of a life time. What are you missing? Only the essential knowledge you could only have if you’ve travelled on a Contiki before. The insiders scoop no amount of small print will tell you.

Well, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up the handy tips and first time fails to give you the down low on what’s what. Let’s call it the little black book of Contiki secrets…

The coach waits for no one

The Trip Managers make travelling super straight forward – time, place, meet, done. Well, at least you’d think. There’s always 1 clown who doesn’t even know what continent their on, let alone listen to simple travel instructions. But quite literally if you snooze, you lose – whether you’ve slept past your alarm or face planted into a fountain of fromage, the coach really waits for no one. Yup, this sometimes means catching ferries, buses or even planes and spending a whole lot of dollar to get back to the Contiki coach. You’ve been warned.

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The fancy dress game is strong

Be prepared for A LOT of fancy dress themed nights, the bolder the better. Want to dress to impress? If you’re serious about smashing your costumes it’s worth reaching out to our reservations teams to get in the know about planned theme parties. And if fancy dress isn’t your thing? Well, it probably will be after a night getting down at the Chateau…

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The optional activities are irresistible

If you can save a little extra money ahead of the trip, DO IT. The optional activities are truly unforgettable and once you’re on your Contiki with your new pals you’ll be getting major FOMO turning any of these beauties down. So just a little heads up to scout out the optionals you want to do in advance, and make sure you’ve got the budget to fulfil your adrenaline seeking or foodie feasting desires.  

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Sleep with one eye open

You’ll learn to love the Contiki coach as you travel around ticking of your bucket list musts. And, after days crammed to the brim with adventures, you’ll sure be in need of the odd afternoon siesta. But just take a moment to think about your sleeping arrangements before you doze off… aka hoodie up, sunglasses on, cover your face and eliminate the potential for sleeping sabotage. Don’t sleep with caution? Well you’re more than likely to wake up to a fair few unflattering Facebook tags from your oh so lovely Contiki family.


The Trip Managers knowledge is crazy good

For all you culture junkies out there, you’re in for one hell of a treat. It’s actually quite mind blowing how much knowledge the Contiki Trip Mangers have. No matter what city, county or continent, these guys know their stuff. They’re pretty much walking encyclopaedias, so be sure to be all ears for any fun facts you’ll be wanting to share with your friends and families back home.

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You’ll form a love/hate relationship with the Contiki song

Like any group trip there’s going to be a trip song and at first you’re going to hate it. But hear us out, like a fine wine it gets better with time. And before you know it, it’s basically your favourite song ever. Soon you’ll be up on the chairs and tables dancing along to it without a care in the world, and every time you listen to it forever after, you’ll be taken back to that summer in Europe.

The weather isn’t always what you’d expect

This one is mainly for all you Aussies out there who see 28 degrees day in, day out. Unfortunately the sunny climate down under doesn’t always resonate worldwide. Example 1: Europe. Some days you may see blue skies and highs of 30, but then be prepared for fluctuations in temperature and downpours of rain. Basically, thrown in a jumper or two, a rain coat and some alternative footwear (not thongs) and you’ll be all good.

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You’ll be bitten big time by the travel bug

If you’re new to the world of travelling, just a heads up that this will most definitely be the first of many travel adventures to come. Once you get a taste of what the world has to offer you’ll be coming back for more, and more, and more. So beware – that bank budget of yours is in for a serious beating BUT it sure is worth it with more happy times, great memories and incredible new friendships than you’ll know what to do with.

You’ll be a little bit heart broken when your trip comes to an end

You may be reading this right now as a solo traveller feeling a little apprehensive about your upcoming Contiki travels. Or maybe you’re reading this with a feeling of nostalgia, having already travelled on a Contiki. The friends you make are fricking awesome and will soon become your Contiki family. The unforgettable experiences you share, highs, lows, laughter and good times create an unbreakable bond. So when it comes to saying goodbye you’ll probably cry a little bit and have that horrible empty feeling. But that’s what Contiki reunions are for right? Well, that and Kleenex.

What to know more about what you can except on a Contiki? Step right this way.


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