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5 ways to pass the time on a Contiki coach


Coach journeys can be long AF, and pretty mundane at times. But my Contiki trips have proven very much the opposite. Surrounded by you Contiki family, coach trips are a great time to bond with each other. Here are some awesome games and activities to keep you entertained all the way to your next destination.

Coach Olympics

Perhaps the GREATEST GAME ever invented for road trips, Coach Olympics is a competitive game all about speed, teamwork and quick-thinking; the ultimate coach scavenger hunt! Two teams are made by splitting the bus down the middle with the overall objective being to race a specific item to your Trip Manager before the other team does! The successful side earns a point but there are rules:

• All items must first be passed to the BACK of the bus, then forwards to your TM at the front.
• No throwing!
• Only one item per team.

From Canadian passports and Pringles tubes to more, uh… “naughtier” items, you’ll be racing to get rid of your possessions for the sake of team spirit! Coach Olympics is a fantastic game for everyone’s entertainment and if you’re lucky you may even get to touch your crush’s blue shirt…

Write in a travel journal

Writing diary entries is a terrific way to pass time and record every detail of your Contiki adventure #memories! You could write about the beautiful window scenery, a hilarious event, your new friends or anything else that has made you smile on your trip! Diaries are also effective in supporting mental well-being throughout your travels, so they’re useful mind tools as well as time-savers. If you put pen to paper, time will pass easy-peasy!



Two truths one lie

Are you a keen investigator determined to spot a lie? If so, this game is for you! A player must state three ‘facts’ about themselves; two are true and one is false! The others must then identify the incorrect one. Test those detective skills and sniff out my lie:

a) I’ve been to Europe twice.
b) I got stung on my butt by a jellyfish when snorkelling.
c) My 20th birthday celebrations resulted in a hospital visit.

Drum roll please! If you answered ‘b’, you’d be correct because I actually got stung on my face! As for ‘c’, well… I’ll just say slippery stairs were involved. This hilarious game is perfect for getting to know fellow travellers and speeding up road trips!

Guess that theme song

If you’re a film or TV nerd, this trivia game is fantastic. Your Trip Manager will play short snippets from various theme songs and your team’s job is to guess which show/movie they belong to! When ‘I’ll Be There for You’ starts playing, you’ll easily jot down Friends, but some won’t be as easy to identify so teamwork (plus a good memory) is key! At the end of the game, the team with the most points wins!



Just chill out

For you, this seven-hour trip may be the perfect opportunity to just zone out. You could pop some tunes in, read the next epic chapter of your book, message mum so she knows you haven’t completely forgotten about her or take a much-needed nap. If your bus buddy isn’t already snoring their head off then start a chat; you may just meet your newest BFF! Oh, and don’t forget to look out the window because the sights can be so picture-worthy!

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