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The coolest travel tech you need to know about

Travel trech

Whether you’re a forgetful packer, perpetually running out of battery or just want to take more awesome travel pics – the latest travel tech has you covered. We all know unplugging is the trendy travel move right now but some of the newest travel tech is just too good to pass up. We’ve rounded up the coolest products and accessories to suit every budget…

12. Up your photo game with… a clip on phone lens

Turn your iPhone or Android into a high-quality camera with a clip-on lens. Phone cameras have come a long way but an add-on lens is a really simple and cool tech feature to have while traveling to boost your photo game without having to carry a bulky DSLR. And you can save a little money if you aren’t looking to get that pricy camera.

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Stressed about holiday packing? You need the Contiki Pack My Bags Alexa skill

Dominic Oliver
by Dominic Oliver Feb 12, 2022

11. Protect your data with… a RFID passport holder

If you’re traveling internationally, you need an RFID blocking passport holder (and a wallet too). Passports and credit cards have chips implanted in them that hold your private information and recently, there’s been an increase in personal info thefts by RFID scanner. These holders and wallets have a protective shield material that will keep all of your sensitive information safe during your travels. Another added bonus is the RFID blocking holders are really affordable, while giving you extra peace of mind.

10. Chill out with… noise cancelling headphones

OK, so this may seem a little basic but the latest addition joining Beats and Sony in the noise-canceling headphones fam goes to Apple AirPods. With the release of the new AirPods Pro edition, these discreet wireless headphones have a great sound and are perfect for cancelling out airplane noise.


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9. Enjoy a Netflix binge with… a phone ring stand

When it comes to smart travel tech, these little rings are simple but oh so sweet. Free up your hands and prop this guy up on your seatback tray all flight long, meaning you can breeze through your Netflix binge. The best thing is, they’re small and fold easily against your phone so you can still fit it in your pocket, bag, or anywhere else it won’t be bulky or stick out.

8. Capture all the best moments with… a flexible tripod

Having a tripod always comes in handy – whether you’re super into astrotourism and want to shoot the stars or just addicted to TikTok. We feel you. This flexible tripod can hold both a camera and smartphone steady and wrap around all kinds of surfaces to capture those epic moments. Or you can set it up and renegade in front of jaw-dropping backdrops. It even comes with a wireless remote so you can easily get the perfect group shot or start your video.


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7. Capture 3D photos with… Spectacles

Hey Snapchat lovers, your fave app created ‘Spectacles‘ (AKA sunglasses with built-in cameras so you can capture your world in 3D). These sunglasses capture photo and video and allow you to quickly upload your travels onto Snap or export them to share wherever you’d like. They come with a charging case and some models are even water-resistant. These let you get all the pics and videos you want without even having to pull out your phone.


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6. Never run out of batter with… a backpack with USB charging port

How many travel gadgets can there be on this list that act as a charging device? The limit does not exist. Charging travel tech is fetch right now. So grab your backpack and don’t worry if you run out of power because this one has a USB charging port with a built-in charging cable and pocket. Having tangled cords is so last decade.

5. Pack smartly with… PackPoint

Travel tech isn’t all about gadgets, apps count too. PackPoint is an app that will organize what you need to pack based on your trip length, the weather and planned activities. So you don’t forget ____ again. Whether you’re hiking, exercising, ziplining, or swimming – PackPoint will give you a full list of everything you need. So long overpacking and underpacking… you’ll have just what you need!

4. Take jaw-dropping videos with… a mini drone

Tired of your drone taking up your entire suitcase? Say goodbye to full-size and upgrade to a mini drone. This will take your aerial shots to the next level, plus these minis are almost as light as a smartphone. It’s a win-win, lighter suitcase = more room to bring home goodies from your trip.


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3. Never lose your passport/keys/backpack again with… Tile Mate

We all have that friend who loses things. Or if that friend is you, this travel tech item is definitely one of the must-haves on the list. Attach or pack this tile to anything you’re worried about losing – whether it’s your passport, keys, purse, backpack or suitcase. The tile syncs with an app on your phone and you can keep tabs on your item, wherever it is, at all times.


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2. Stay topped up, the sustainable way with a… solar-powered portable charger

It’s a story as old as time… your devices are out of battery and so is your portable charger. Leaving you wondering whether you should charge your phone or charge your portable battery. Enter solar-powered portable chargers. Let the sunshine do the work and recharge your devices when you’re traveling or away from an outlet. Our favorite part about this travel tech is solar energy = green energy, so power on the eco-friendly way.

1. Make your luggage invincible with a… smart carry-on suitcase

And our top spot goes to the latest trend in travel tech: a smart carry-on suitcase. The sleek futuristic look comes with the coolest tech features. The bag illuminates when opened in dim light, it has a removable portable charger that can charge your phone up to 10 times. If you’ve ever been stranded somewhere without your suitcase (you aren’t alone) but this bag comes with an app that lets you track the location of your suitcase at all times and even when your bag is opened while you aren’t there. If that wasn’t enough to convince you it’s also fireproof and recyclable!


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