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Ever fancied renting your own pub in the Cornish countryside?

Looking for a pub experience you simply won’t find anywhere else? Cornwall might just have the answer for you. Prepare to have your socks blown off…

Tucked away in the Cornish forest, in the far west of England, is the air b&b of any beer-lover’s dreams. Visitors can book their very own private pub, complete with its own waterfall-powered beer pump. Yep, you read that right. 

The company responsible for this epic accommodation is non-other than Carlsberg, who wanted to combine an immersive pub-running experience with the opportunity to reconnect with nature in the forest, creating the ultimate getaway for beer-lovers looking for a chance to escape the slog of city life. Oh, and did we mention it’s totally gorgeous?


The cabin itself is located in the camping retreat of Kudhva, where you’ll find panoramic views of Cornish Coastline and a hidden lake for a spot of summertime skinny dipping, if that’s your jam. Guests of the cabin will also be a stone’s throw away from one of Cornwall’s most insta-worthy beaches, Trebarwith Strand. 

The accommodation, called the Carlsberg Cabin Pub, is a fully off-grid carbon-neutral bar, powered by both solar energy and a nearby waterfall – the world’s first. Inspired by nature and based on traditional Cornish engine houses, you can gaze at lush forest views as you sip on an ice-cold pint any time of day. Eco-friendly cabin goals much?


On top of the beer, it’s decked out with a communal kitchen, a deck area which trees grow through, and a series of hammocks for optimal chilling and book reading sessions in-between beer tastings. With a stream flowing beneath the cabin too, it’s the perfect nature spot.

Like what you hear? Better get booking, as the cabin is only available to book through to October. Or of course, there’s always next year...


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