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Sydney’s getting a new (very) proper English pub


There is (almost) nothing more comforting than a good, proper English pub. If you’ve ever been to the UK you know how great a pub feed and a beer with some top-notch banter in front a fire is after a long day. The good news is Sydney is getting it’s own traditional English pub and it’s fit for a king.

The new ye olde tavern, The Duke of Clarence (named after the man who became King William IV), is delightfully British with a cheery fireplace, 12-metre bar and library alcove. Sounds like a regular bar? WRONG. It is straight outta a cobblestoned village street in England. How do we know it’s VERY English? Besides the fairly obvi name, it also has classic British traits such as:

A portrait of an older gentleman who definitely won a battle somewhere and may or may not be THE Duke of Clarence:

Classy AF wood panelling:


And classic old school pub tiles:

We also know it’s legit because the brilliant UK set designer behind the Moulin Rouge, Sara Matthews, led the design of the place, making sure original furniture and building materials were gathered from around the UK. Think stained glass from old churches and floorboards from the 1800s!

It’s worth noting that you’re unlikely to find a warm beer in these parts. The Duke of Clarence has a rather extensive cocktail menu, close to 500 spirits direct from across the pond and delicious traditional cask beer that’s sure to tickle the fancy of any ex-pat or otherwise.

Food wise, you’re going to be treated to the best from Liverpool native chef David O’Brien, who has made sure classics included pork crackling, scotch eggs, soda bread and pork pies all take centre stage on the menu.

What are you waiting for? Get thee to the classiest English pub in Sydney ASAP!