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11 of the creepiest abandoned places around the world

An abandoned roller coaster at an amusement park.

Just in time for Halloween…. we’ve compiled some of the creepiest abandoned places around the world.

1. Six Flags Jazzland – New Orleans, USA

An abandoned building with a sign that says cool zone.

2. Military hospital – Beelitz, Germany

An abandoned hospital room.

3. Hashima Island – Japan

An abandoned building sits on top of a body of water.

4. Island of Dolls – Mexico City

An abandoned wooden wall with dolls hanging on it.

5. Michigan Central Station – Detroit, USA

6. Abandoned mill – Sorrento, Italy

Image of Old Mill at Sorrento

7. 102-year-old floating forest – Sydney, Australia

Image of Floating forest ship

8. City of Pripyat – Ukraine

An abandoned ferris wheel in an amusement park.

9. Underwater City – Shicheng, China

An underwater image of an abandoned building.

10. I.M. cooling tower – Belgium

An abandoned circular building featuring a central hole.

11. Mirny diamond mine – Eastern Serbia, Russia

An abandoned sinkhole in the middle of a city.