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Dance moves for everyday awkward situations

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Awkwardness. Crippling, tongue-tying, sweat inducing awkwardness may be one of the most common social problems of our generation. Maybe it’s because we document so much of our existences we feel like no one will ever (EVER!) forget it when we have a stray something in our noses or fall down in public? Maybe we just straight up care more than our parents’ generation did? Whatever it is, we’re here to help, with a bunch of amazing dance moves to help get you out of those tricky awkward situations…

You know the feeling when you really need to pee when on a work outing, but there’s no bathroom around and you can’t really say anything because you probably should have gone before leaving the office?

Enter the “Imma jump around right here because I’m SO happy today!”

A blond woman is holding a pole, demonstrating dance moves for every awkward situation.

You know when you’re just happily walking along, living your life and suddenly you walk straight through a spider’s web?

Enter the “Nothin’ to see here shake off”

A woman is walking down the runway in a short dress, showcasing dance moves for every awkward situation.

When you’re taking a selfie with your new bestie you met half an hour ago at the bar, the first two don’t come out so good and you’re suddenly very aware of how close you are to someone who’s practically a stranger.

Enter the “Sexy selfie body roll”

Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber showcase their dance moves for every awkward situation.

You’re up in the club, a little liquored up and Sean Paul comes on. Weaker men than you would leave the floor at moments like this but not you – you have a move that’s perfected through years of awkward dance floor moments just like this.

Enter the “I can’t really dance but Imma give it a shot hip roll!”

One direction on stage at a concert, showcasing their dance moves for every awkward situation.
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Ok, so you’re chilling on the subway minding your own business when suddenly, out of nowhere, you accidentally fart. A situation this dire needs a move that is as swift as it is genius, and that tells the world that that smell lingering in the air was definitely, unequivocally not you.

Enter the “It wasn’t me who farted subtle point”

A man is standing on a stage showcasing dance moves for every awkward situation.

We’ve all been there. You’re walking down the street when you see your bestie – your face lights up and you start waving like a child. Suddenly you realise that person looking at you with raised eyebrows and a slightly alarmed look on their face is not in fact your bestie, but a total stranger.

Enter the “I wasn’t waving at you I was feeling the music!”.

Disclaimer, it helps to be wearing headphones when you bust this one out…

A group of people showcasing dance moves in a field illuminated by neon lights, creating a captivating spectacle.

Nobody enjoys a spitter, especially when they’re your boss and you’re stuck making nice with them at Friday drinks and trying desperately to hide your disgust at the little flecks of saliva flying your direction.

Enter the: “Spit avoidance body roll and two step”

everyday awkward situations - rihanna dance gif

You’re out with a group for someone’s birthday. The night’s been fun but all you wanna do now is go home and go to bed, but going round and saying goodbye one person at a time is just not an option right now.

Enter the: “Turn on the spot and disappear exit strategy”

everyday awkward situations - lady gaga dance gif

You’ve just won an argument, but before you walk away and let it go (because you’re super mature!) you need a short, sharp move that reminds the world of your fierceness, and why you just shouldn’t be crossed.

Enter the: “Do NOT cross me again shoulder pump”

everyday awkward situations - beyonce dance gif

Helpful? Yeah, we think so. For more helpful everyday dance moves, check out America’s best Dance Crew winner and YouTube superstar D-tRIX, who’s Contiki Legend looks a little like this:

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