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How do I…deal with loneliness when solo travelling


We’re constantly told that solo travelling is the best thing we’ll ever do, that we will instantly make friends and then just let the good times roll. And yes, most of the time that’s true, but it’s not all laughs and smiles…

Having solo travelled myself, I’ll agree it was the best thing I ever did. But no one gave me a heads up on how to deal with the times when you are very much solo travelling – on a plane, on a bus, or a one night hostel stopover. These are times when you will experience lionesses, but there are also ways to deal with it…

Be prepared for the time by yourself

First up, knowing that you will actually be spending some time by yourself when solo travelling is a great start. So be prepared for this in any way that works for you – having a good book, an iPad full of your favourite films, or just making the most of the time you have to yourself to reflect, chill out, and actually enjoying the piece and quiet.



Don’t be hard on yourself

It’s likely you’ll have a low moment, hour or day, maybe a little cry if you’re feeling homesick or missing your best partying partner in crime. But there’s nothing wrong with that – travelling is just as much about appreciating what you already have as it is about loving the experiences and people you meet along the way. So, if you need to cry that’s fine, but pick yourself up and remember the incredible opportunity you have, and get yourself back into that positive mind set.

Treat yourself

How often do you get a day, or even a few hours to yourself? Pretty rare, right? So, make the most of it by doing whatever makes you happy and knowing there is absolutely no one to judge you or stop you from doing you. This could be getting a Thai massage, having the ultimate lie in, indulging in unlimited gelato or lying by the beach with a cocktail in your hand … doesn’t sound too terrible hey!


Be Rational

So, you’re in some mind-blowing destination with some unforgettable experiences under your belt, no real stresses, no worries, no work, nothing but adventures and opportunities that await you. It’s not all doom and gloom. So, give yourself a pep talk and deal with it. You’ll only look back and feel like a fool when it’s back to the 9-5 grind.

Do what makes you happy

We all have our own happy place, maybe it’s running outdoors, writing a journal, doing yoga or just relaxing back on the beach to your favourite tunes. Whatever it is, do it.  Get yourself back into your happy place, and those loneliness feelings will soon slip away.


Get yourself out there

There will be times when you’re by yourself, or times when you just need to do you, but there will also be times when you’ll have the opportunity to meet heaps of new people, so do! Stay in shared hostel rooms, say yes to group trips, go on a bar crawl, smile at people, start conversations and engage with others. It really is that simple, and the chances are most people will be in the very same situation as you. And the best bit? If you choose not to, you never have to see these people again, so there’s absolutely no pressure or expectation. But the chances are you’ll meet some pretty great travel friends and a reunion will soon be on the cards!