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We’ve all been drinking Prosecco the wrong way – here’s why

drinking prosecco

On 13 August 2019, it’s National Prosecco Day. The perfect time to have a glass of fizz and toast its bubbly excellence. But if you’re reaching for a glass flute before popping the cork and getting the Prosecco flowing, then may we be the first to tell you – you’re doing it all wrong!

Don’t worry though, it turns out everyone has been. From wasting precious bubbles to missing out on the fruity aromas of this Italian fizz, it’s time that on this National Prosecco Day we all listen to the experts.

Here’s how to drink that cold, crisp glass of Prosecco the right way, once and for all.

Swap the glass flute for a large wine glass

Though flutes are the go-to way to drink Prosecco outside Italy, if you ever find yourself in Venice or Milan, chances are you’ll be served your fizz in a large wine glass. The Italians (who definitely know what they’re talking about when it comes to food and drink) believe that to taste Prosecco, you need to be able to smell its delicious aromas – think floral and fragrant notes. You can’t do this if your glass is a narrow flute.

A wine glass allows the drink more room to breathe and you to have a good sniff before you sip, which apparently heightens the whole experience. If you’re really into it, you might even want to try a tulip glass. According to expert wine blog the Wine Folly, the best way to drink it. However, it isn’t out of place for Italian families to serve Prosecco in tumblers! So, pretty much whatever goes (as long as it’s not a flute that is!).

Tilt the glass to 45 degrees while pouring

To save wasting any precious bubbles, it’s all in the way you hold your glass as you pour, according to Ed Betts, UK supermarket Asda’s Chief Wine Buyer. If you hold it straight or over tilt then stop immediately! Hold your glass around 45 degrees and this will prevent bubble overflow that so often leaves you with mainly froth. The same goes for Champagne, so take note fizz lovers.

Go slow and steady as you pour

There’s no need to rush! Don’t pour the Prosecco in one go, as again this will likely lead to spillages and over-fizzing. Instead, start with a splash and wait for the bubbles to settle before filling up your glass. The best things to come to those who wait after all.

Drink it perfectly chilled

Okay, so we all know Proescco is served chilled. But did you know that the perfect glass is chilled to around 6 degrees, according to the Italian experts? They have ZERO time for lukewarm, flat or half-hearted efforts here!

Perhaps the fanciest way to chill your Prosecco is by putting in an ice bucket half-filled with ice and water. Or you can just put in the refrigerator a few hours before serving…

Never drink Prosecco on tap (or feel the wrath of the Italians)

Now, this is a very touchy subject, ever since the Italian government kicked off after UK pubs began serving Prosecco out of taps instead of bottles a few years ago. As the world’s largest importer of Prosecco, the Brits really should have known better.

“If Prosecco is sold on tap then it is no longer Prosecco – it needs to be served from the bottle,” said Luca Giavi, the director of the consortium of winemakers he Valdobbiadene-Conegliano DOCG. Let that be a lesson to us all.


Enjoy it before or after dinner

Think there’s nothing better than a chilled glass of Prosecco with your pizza? Think again. Apparently, the ideal time to drink it is before eating – as a very sophisticated aperitif – or after dinner. This is because it can leave a sweet after-taste that’s basically like having dessert. Or, just have dessert and a glass. Cheers and saluti to that!

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