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Lauren Miles

Community Contributor

Lauren Miles is a proud Aussie, who uses her travel experiences to proudly shine a light on mental health and self-confidence issues.

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This is the hardest part about meeting your best friend on holiday

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Why you need to add the stunning Joffre Lakes to your Vancouver trip

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How to protect animal welfare while travelling

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“Salute!” “Prost!” Toast your way across Europe with these uniquely European beverages

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How travel helped me to fully understand my sexuality

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I’m a shy introvert, but travel helped me to make life-long friends

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3 easy ways to keep fit whilst travelling

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5 empowering volunteering experiences to enrich your travels

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6 important life lessons I’ve learned from women on the road

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10 Action-Adventure Film Locations You Can (And Totally Should) Visit in Real Life

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Why travelling with Contiki is even better second time round

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