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Why We Should Embrace Solo Travel And The Single Life

Friends solo travel

Because let’s face it – who really needs Tinder to find love when it’s as simple as travelling the world and embracing single life y’all.

Here’s why we think it could really change your world.

Learn how to be alone

If you’re like me – a busy and (very) single 25-year old ‘adult’, who has never entered a serious relationship, spending time alone is pretty much normal.

Meeting people is a common occurance. But who we decide to date, enter into a relationship with and love is another story. Don’t just settle. Learn how to live independently and not be defined by anyone but yourself. The truth is, whether you’ve just gotten out of a relationship or looking for love – travelling will teach you how to spend time alone healthily.

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Meet people from all over the world

There is no greater joy than meeting people from all walks of life around the world. Think about it, the friends you grew up with will always be there but to get outside your comfort zone is mighty refreshing as you go on to create new adventures with like-minded people.

Did you know that over 50% of Contiki travellers between 18 – 35 fly solo? So really you’ll never have to worry about being the only one on your own, the rest of the crew are doing it too…

Disconnect to reconnect – No Tinder required.

Is chivalry dead? Have we forgotten how to interact with one another on a deeper, more personal level? Leave your phones at home, forget about swiping right on Tinder and reconnect with yourself OR better yet – a human being that floats your boat. Have a real conversation.

You feel me?

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I'm only single because I can't date food, but I enjoy solo travel.

You get to do whatever the hell you want

And in the process you really enjoy it. If you’ve ever dreamt of backpacking your way through Europe to get away from your 9 to 5 job, or you’ve had your heartbroken and are in need of fix-me-up, the truth is something or someone has probably held you back. So leave that baggage behind and make way for new adventures, ENJOY THE FREEDOM.

If you prefer to do sh*t all; relax on a hammock all day, with a cocktail in one hand and a book in the other – Good for you! No-one’s going to judge you, call you out or annoy you!

Minimal responsibilities a.k.a No mortgage or kids

Cliche? No. We like to think pretty damn accurate. Let’s face it, we enter different life stages; hitting our twenties and slowly entering the dirty thirty. Truth is, you leave school, go to uni, attempt to find a job you like, save some money, rent a place with your friends, save more money and travel – of course. So while you have minimal responsibilities, no mortgage, kids or engagements knockin’ on your door – go out and explore the world. Capiche?

Find yourself a holiday romance

Do you ever hear the tales of people falling in love while travelling? Me too. So here’s some food for thought next time you’re off gallivanting the globe. Why not use that time of no attachments to work out what you want and don’t want from your future partner? Trust me, people are much more open when they’re travelling.


Create the best version of yourself

Your identity is important. Maybe you weren’t so sure of yourself before you went away. Maybe you just needed to figure it out on your own. Maybe you needed a change. By travelling solo you can replace the maybe’s of your identity with greater confidence. Travelling opens up your world, increases your knowledge and changes your perspective. This is your time to create the best version of yourself.