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“Salute!” “Prost!” Toast your way across Europe with these uniquely European beverages

A group of people toasting European drinks at a party.

These dazzling drinks will have you packing your bags for Europe immediately!

SPAIN: Sangría

If you hate red wine, you’ll absolutely LOVE it after tasting one of these Spanish summer delights. Sangrias are a type of punch typically made from red wine, assorted fruits, brandy, orange juice, sugar and ice. This perfect concoction is super refreshing, has a crisp, fruity taste and finishes off with the delicious tang of red vino. Sangrias are also available with white wine, triple sec or rum yet nothing beats the Mediterranean classic! Salud!


AUSTRIA: Schnaps

Schnaps is a kind of distilled spirit crafted by fermenting fruit with an alcoholic base. In Europe, Schnaps are considered to be obstler (fruit brandy) and come in fruity flavours like apricot, cherry, apple, plum and pear. The brandy is sweet, quite strong and can be drank as a single shot or mixed into other beverages. If your Contiki trip is lucky enough to visit Vienna, sign up for the Schnaps Museum tour and you’ll be able to savour these sweet brandies! They also offer a range of liqueur flavours to try like chocolate banana, applestrudel, caramel cream and if you dare to feel the (literal) burn, Viennese Blood Chili… Prost und viel Glück


CZECH REPUBLIC: Pilsner Urquell

Did y’all know that the Czech Republic consumes the most beer per capita in the entire world, beating countries like Germany, Australia and England?! Pilsner Urquell was the world’s first pale lager and is considered to be one of the country’s most popular beers. This bittersweet beer has a lightly toasted aroma with a crisp texture, subtle caramel flavour and thick foam head (as draught lager) to seal in the taste. Na zdraví!

FRANCE: Champagne

It’s no secret that the French are absolutely fanatical about their wines but it ain’t a real party until you pop the cork, more specifically, a champagne cork. Due to EU law, sparkling wine cannot legally be considered ‘champagne’ unless it originates from, yeah you guessed it… Champagne, a region in France! Most of these bubbly beverages are a blended mix of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes and can be either sweet or dry. If you’re desperate to feel classy, pour yourself a flute of Prestige cuvée or Blanc de noirs and kick back; you’re in France after all… à votre santé!

ITALY: Aperol Spritz

Cocktail lovers will surely feel blessed by the Italian greatness that is Aperol Spritz! This fun-filled zesty drink is a fusion of Aperol (an apéritif), soda water, prosecco and fresh orange, giving it a tangy and enjoyably-bitter taste. Aperol Spritz is a magnifico refreshment for an Italian summer’s day and will be the highlight of any Instagram selfie. Salute!

GERMANY: Eiswein

If you think Eiswein is a brand of beer, think again because it’s actually a dessert wine! Eiswein, which literally translates to ice wine, is made by pressing frozen grapes and thus produces a very sweet, concentrated wine. Due to the large number of grapes and labour required, Eiswein is quite expensive but worth every euro! If your Contiki tour is heading towards the Rhine Valley, you’ll even have the chance to sample this beautiful wine in an optional wine-tasting experience! Although, if you’re still zealous for German beer then there are countless ones to try. There’s Franziskaner, Augustiner, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu – in fact, why don’t you just go to Oktoberfest and try them all?! Zum Wohl!

IRELAND: Guinness

Who could visit Ireland and not attempt a pint of pure, draught Guinness? This Irish specialty has a smooth, creamy feel, a coffee-like aroma and a dry, bitter, malty taste. Guinness isn’t a beer to be downed quickly but rather savoured, perhaps with a classic pub meal on the side? If you find yourself in Dublin with Contiki, opt in to visit the Guinness Storehouse where you can learn to pour the perfect pint! As they say in traditional Irish Gaelic, Sláinte!

Did someone say epic European bar crawl ft. Contiki?! I’m keen if you are…
*Oh, and guys… always drink responsibly.