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Top 8 Filming Locations Around the World

A couple sitting on rocks amidst picturesque filming locations in the water.

Admit it, secretly at some point you’ve all wished you could live the life of the Hollywood rich and famous. Now we may not be able to offer you the fast cars, A list Hollywood glam squad or a stint on Saturday Night Live, but we can tell you where to go to get that movie set experience. Listen up…

1. Japan

Want to experience Inception first hand? No, we aren’t going to invade your dreams, even though we totally know you dream about us. Head to Japan and check out 17th Century Nijo Castle to get inceptioned (totally not a word. Totally don’t care)!

movie locations - Nijo shrine in japan

2. New Zealand

If you didn’t know New Zealand is famous for Lord of the Rings, how do you even know of it? Just kidding! If you are a fan of the movie though, you’re in for a treat! You can visit Matamata, also known as Hobbiton, and get in touch with your Frodo side!

movie locations - hobbiton, new zealand

3. Istanbul

Retrace the footsteps of Ben Affleck in Argo through Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. Since filming in Iran wasn’t an option, the bazaars and streets of Istanbul were a colorful substitute.

movie locations - istanbul grand bazaar

4. Guatemala

Ever felt like visiting Star Wars Episode IV’s Yavin 4? You can! All you have to do is head to Guatemala and check out one of the largest ancient ruined cities of the Maya civilization, Tikal. Stand on top of Temple IV and look out to Temples I, II, and III to really reenact the movie (it’s even cooler if you dress like a rebel).

movie locations - tikal ruins, gautemala

5. Austria

The hills are alive with the sound of music in Salzburg, Austria. Salzburg  is where much of The Sound of Music was filmed and it’s where the Von Trapp Family story originates! We dare you to try to keep “Do-Re-Mi” out of your head while there.

movie locations - salzburg sound of music

6. Prague

Prague is home to tons of movies. It’s cheaper than much of Western Europe and less touristy- leading to a primo filming spot! You might recognize it from some of these film favorites: XXX, Van Helsing, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Casino Royale, Hellboy, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Bourne Identity.

movie locations - prague

7. Cambodia

You too can be a Tomb Raider like Lara Croft, minus the raiding of tombs part. Okay, so maybe you can’t be a tomb raider, but you can at least check out the places the movie was filmed in on trip to Cambodia! After visiting the smiling faces and towers of Angkor Thom, you can check “be in the same place as Angelina Jolie” off the bucket list (different time but same place totally counts).

movie locations - siem reap, cambodia

8. Croatia

Head to King’s Landing, better known as Dubrovnik, Croatia, to get an authentic Game of Thrones experience without the worry of getting your head chopped off. Not only is Game of Thrones filmed there, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site as well. Not bad!

movie locations - dubrovnik game of thrones

Stop dreaming and make sh*t happen!