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Outer Banks filming locations that are literal treasure troves

Outer Banks, NC, USA

I know who you are. You’re the kind of person that has to look up EVERYTHING about a TV show right after you finish it. The filming locations, the lead actors, their romances, childhood, the side characters, that film you vaguely remember seeing them in. Seriously, everything. Well, guess what? Same! And with the new season of Netflix’s Outer Banks right around the corner, you best believe we did the digging on ALL the Outer Banks filming locations.

Adventure. Mystery. Romance. Drama. Outer Banks has everything it takes to make a TV show absolutely addictive (and we haven’t even mentioned the characters who win you over with their charm!). And while we love all of those things, what really caught my attention was the stunning scenery that makes up the backdrop for the story to unfold.

So, join me, fellow curious soul, as we explore some of the BEST coastal views with Outer Banks.

Is Outer Banks a real place?

Yep. You can visit the Outer Banks in North Carolina, USA. They’re an incredible chain of barrier islands stretching over 100 miles! The real Outer Banks are made up of three main islands: Northern Beaches, Roanoke Island & Dare Mainland, and Hatteras Island. While this is the place that inspired Josh and Jonas Pate to write the thrilling story of Pogues vs. Kooks, it’s worth noting that these islands weren’t actually used as filming locations for the show. Crazy, I know!

South Carolina filming locations

The story of Outer Banks takes place in North Carolina, but it’s mostly shot in Charleston, South Carolina. The reason for that? According to Wilmington Star News it was because of the anti-LGBTQIA+ laws in North Carolina. Since the show-runners wanted to be more inclusive, they finally decided to film the series in South Carolina instead.

1. Shem Creek

The first Outer Banks filming location on our list is this charming little riverside in Charleston. From show-stopping sunsets to wonderful boat rides – Mount Pleasant’s Shem Creek is where all the magic happens. All the boating scenes in the show are usually filmed here. Plus, it’s a local-favourite hotspot too. 

2. Morris Island

The Redfield Lighthouse in Outer Banks is the Morris Island Lighthouse in real life. And as it turns out, it’s quite the hidden gem – because it can only be reached by those who get off the beaten track from the incredible Folly Beach. Perfect if you’re feeling a bit adventurous

3. Saint Helena Island

You know we love island hopping here at Contiki, and this particular island is home to the Hunting Island Lighthouse – an island that’s 100% worth island hopping to…Originally, it was  built in 1859. But the Civil War did its thing and it had to be rebuilt in 1875. Ever since then, it’s been a popular tourist hotspot. So while the exterior of Redfield Lighthouse is filmed on Morris Island, everything you see from the inside was filmed here. 

4. Washington Square Park

This is the spot where Sarah and John B jump off their ferry and take a stroll. Romantic, right? It’s also the perfect spot to grab a book, lay on the lush green grass, and just spend an entire afternoon reading under a tree. BRB, I have some things to do…

5. Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

This sleek bridge appears multiple times in the series. Like in Season 1 when JJ boats from under it, and in Season 3 when they drive over it to head to the Charleston Museum (which is America’s first museum!). So if you’re a history buff, or just love watching sunsets from a bridge, this Outer Banks filming location is definitely worth a visit. 

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Barbados filming locations

In Season 2, the show takes us to the Bahamas. But actually, all the scenes are filmed in Barbados! (Both of which are equally beautiful Caribbean islands)

1. Bathsheba Beach

Remember that iconic mega rock on the beach when the crew finally wash up on shore in Season 2? You can visit that place in IRL! Bathsheba Beach is where Poguelandia comes to life. Apart from awesome palm-beach paradise vibes, this place is also a hotspot for surfing. While filming, the cast also visited the Animal Flower Cave – the perfect spot to catch some surreal beach sunset views. Plus, it’s just a hike away from the beach. 

2. Bridgetown

So, now you know where the beach filming location for Outer Banks is. But what about the street scenes? Well, that takes place in Bridgetown – the capital of Barbados. More specifically, in Careenage. This is the Outer Banks filming location for the scene where John B. and Sarah stay after escaping the clutches of Captain Terrance and his crew members. 


Image source:Tom Jur / unsplash

USA on your bucket list?

So now that we’ve got a juicy list of all the Outer Banks filming locations where the Pogues vs. Kooks quest goes on – there’s one thing we can definitely conclude. The Southeastern coastlines of the US, and the sunny Caribbean beaches are nothing short of spectacular.

But those aren’t the only coasts worth a visit. If you’ve got visiting incredible places in the US on your bucket list, you’ll love our trips (especially the US Road Trip!). So, get that twangy accent sorted and put on your best boots, because it’s about to be a party in the USA. 

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