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Get out and vote: why having your say impacts the wider world

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The 2020 Election Day is quickly approaching and many Americans are getting ready to vote. At Contiki, we’re all about our community rooted in travel, we believe in the power of self-exploration and self-expression. And one of the most impactful ways to do so is by voting. Voting is important for so many reasons and as global citizens we all hold huge power and responsibility.

Voting is so much more than just voting for the president. Participating in local and federal elections directly impacts your community and the policies and issues that matter most. Voting is an opportunity for change. And according to NPR, young voters, described as anyone 18-29, make up over 31% of eligible voters but historically are the lowest to turn out, the 2016 election was no different.

So, although we may not be able to get out and travel, join us in rallying friends and people in your community to safely vote on November 3 or mail in your ballot asap. Here are a few ways we can all make our voices heard and resources on how to get out and vote.

“This election feels different because our nation has gone through so much change within the past four years and this is an opportunity for the public’s voice to be heard on a national level. Between Black Lives Matter, the Coronavirus, ongoing national & international environmental destruction, and hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk, it is so crucial that people recognize how important their vote is!”

Be informed

Do your research on the national and local candidates and propositions – finding information has never been easier but stick to reliable sources, some of the best nonpartisan sites are Ballotpedia and Vote411. News media is great to stay up to date but every journalist has a natural bias so be sure to look for info outside of the news app.


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Get out and talk to people

Talk to friends, family, neighbors, a local barista, and anyone else around your community. Besides just educating yourself on the election and relevant issues, it is so important to get other viewpoints. Find out how others think and how issues and candidates have directly impacted their lives. With so many different experiences, viewpoints, and impacts of local and federal government – this is one of the best ways to understand the real issues and importance of voting.


Another way to make an impact when voting is to volunteer. You can volunteer to become a poll worker, volunteer to help others register to vote, or even volunteer to support a candidate’s campaign. All of which directly help your community get out and vote.

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Make your local and global travel matter

We are all interconnected, one election impacts the country and its citizens but it also impacts our global society. So next time you are out traveling be conscious of all of the different ways you can impact communities. From spending power to sustainable practices, be sure to make your local and global travel matter. Read more on How We Tread Right (HWTR) Contiki’s new five-year sustainability plan with eleven specific goals, developed to address both the environmental footprint and the community impact of our business and operations.

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First-time voter?

We spoke with Margot the Head of Content at Home From College which is a community for college students everywhere. Her advice is “first-time voters should start by making a game plan. If voting via absentee ballot, make sure to give yourself enough time to do so, and if in-person, Google what your state’s ballot generally looks ahead of time if voting in-person. I think the stress and confusion can be taken out of the equation if the voter feels prepared and confident about their plan!”

“My advice for young or first-time voters would be to make a game plan.”

More Resources

Need to make a plan or want more information on what steps you need to take to vote in the 2020 election? Here are some additional resources:

Rock The Vote

When We All Vote


Do Something

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