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Around the world with GoPro & Daniel Suárez: a photo journal

Dansu92 - Mauritius swimming with wild dolphins

Got serious wanderlust? Looking to spark your creativity from home? Let us point you in the direction of conservationist and visual artist Daniel Suárez (or as his social media presence grows, you might know him as Dansu @dansu92). From tranquil islands in Mauritius to the Merzouga Desert in Morocco, the GoPro ambassador has captured bold visuals all across the globe. Based in the beautiful Canary Islands, Spain (where he spent his time in lockdown) he’s become internationally renowned for his thoughtful style and passion for sustainability and ocean conservation. 

With his social-first content portfolio, he’s shot for the EU, Canary Islands Tourism Board and some of the best resorts in the world. What Dansu doesn’t know about content creation isn’t worth knowing… Subscribe to Contiki’s bonus podcast season Unusual Circumstances to hear his advice on levelling up your creative game from home. 

Here, he shares some of his most meaningful photographs from around the world – all shot using a combination of GoPro 7, GoPro 8 and a DJI drone. Plus, scroll down for the chance to WIN a GoPro Hero8 Black of your own…

With the fishes

Ile des Deux Cocos, Mauritius – taken with GoPro 

“I realized we found a gem in the Indian ocean. Blown away by the magic of this tropical island. I’m an eternal optimist and believe it’s never too late to make a positive change and turn the tide, so let’s all work together to stop the needless destruction of our oceans and our wildlife and let’s inspire all people and the next generations to respect, protect and save our fragile planet!”


Image source:Photo by @dansu92

How do I… create awesome GoPro travel videos?

How do I… create awesome GoPro travel videos?

by Jake Rich Oct 09, 2019

Look out

Komodo National Park, Indonesia – shot for the Indonesia Official Tourism Board, taken with drone
Komodo Island

Image source:Photo by @dansu92

Clear view

Komodo National Park, Indonesia 

“We are all capable of change, we are all capable of learning more about this earth, about the people, about all the creatures alive and about what we ourselves are capable of achieving. @arisuya & @suyabean – I learnt so much from these two Balinese siblings!”

Komodo Island

Image source:Photo by @dansu92

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How much do you know about our oceans? Take our Oceans Day quiz to find out

Dominic Oliver
by Dominic Oliver Jun 05, 2020

Wild swimming

Mauritius swimming with wild dolphins – taken with GoPro. This photo was featured in National Geographic

“To swim with wild dolphins is to feel free and be at one with nature, to share this feeling of being within the atmosphere is what drives me.

“To feel part of their natural environment and reality is something I can’t even describe. We respected them and they respected us. We flew together under the sea. Writing these words, I can’t keep the smile off my face.” 

Mauritius swimming with wild dolphins

Image source:Photo by @dansu92

Deep dive

Maldives, shot for @discoversoneva’s Sustainable Hotel Campaign – taken with GoPro

“Let me take you on a journey where we all can dream. Crystal clear waters, infinity marine life, water villas, shipwrecks, sandbanks and epic adventures on desert islands.”


Image source:Photo by @dansu92

Think green

Sri Lanka, shot for @Tri_lanka’s Sustainable Hotel Campaign – taken with drone

“Imagine this. Somewhere in the world that connects nature, culture and creativity in a sustainable way. A little slice of heaven on earth! From admiring the sunset in panorama at the top of the water tower to having my first yoga classes in one of the most amazing locations I’ve ever been. Sri Lanka was unreal.”

Sri Lanka

Image source:Photo by @dansu92


Chamarel Waterfall, Mauritius – taken with GoPro

Image source:Photo by @dansu92

Into the wild

Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, shot for Canary Islands Official Tourism Board Campaign – taken with GoPro 8
Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Image source:Photo by @dansu92

Vast sands

Merzouga Desert, Morocco – taken with drone

“Just before dawn the next morning, we followed camels heading for the sand. The air was still and warm, and it was a joy to share this with my Berber brothers. I could see that something like this was beyond any expectation I could have had. We didn’t have to venture far into the desert to get an idea of its vastness; its coloring, its softness and at the same time its inherently forbidden aspect.”

Merzouga Desert, Morocco

Image source:Photo by @dansu92

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Amy Bonifas
by Amy Bonifas May 20, 2020

Birds eye

Pink Beach, Komodo National Park, Indonesia, shot for Indonesia’s Tourism Campaign – taken with drone
Pink beach, Komodo

Image source:Photo by @dansu92


Petra, Jordan, shot for GoPro’s Travel Adventure Campaign – taken with GoPro 8
Petra, Jordan

Image source:Photo by @dansu92

Inspired by Dansu’s view of the world and want to shoot your own content? Head to Contiki’s social channels for the chance to WIN your very own GoPro Hero8 Black. All you need to do is share your travel shots with us, follow @Contiki and @GoPro and submit your entries by tagging #ContikiComp #GoPro #GoProHero8. Good luck!

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