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#GreekHopping Adventures – A Q+A with This Renegade Love


This summer, two Canadian lifestyle bloggers went on a Greek Island Hopping adventure, and naturally, they bonded, soaked up the best of Greece and came home with amazing memories and the most wanderlust-inducing photos imaginable.

Karina V – a fashion and lifestyle vlogger, and Lauren McPhillips – Editor and Creator of This Renegade Love, were definitely no strangers to travel, but #GreekHopping was a new and unique experience for both of them.


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Lauren McPhillips is the creator of This Renegade Love – a place for inspiration and celebration of all of the good things in life, like embracing rebellion, travel, good people, feeling good, doing good things for yourself and others. And what could be more ‘good’ than the Greek Islands? This wasn’t her first time in Greece, but it was definitely a trip she’ll never forget. We spoke with her about her adventure with Karina, and here are her fabulous thoughts and photos from #GreekHopping in Greece:

Which island was your favourite – Mykonos, Santorini, Ios?

I had visited Santorini and Ios before and they were incredible, but this was my first time in Mykonos and I fell head over heels in love. I’m a huge fan of architecture and design and Mykonos town was just so perfect – windy streets with white buildings and pops of colour everywhere. Amazing for photos! It was also the only island where I found legit Fererro Rocher ice cream. So really, that in itself was reason enough.


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What was your favourite day of the trip?

The whole trip was incredible, but there were two days in Ios that really stand out. The first was the day we boarded a pirate ship (yarrrr) and sailed off to a secluded beach, where we dove into the crystal clear water and swam to shore to spend the afternoon lounging in the sand. We had music, food, drinks and sunny skies – really, what more could you ask for? The second was the very next day when we had the whole day free to hang out on the beach and by the pool at the resort. A simple game of pick-up beach volleyball with some cold drinks turned into a hilariously fun afternoon with new friends. Those spontaneous moments of bonding are one of my favourite things about travelling with Contiki!

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What’s your favourite photo from your trip?

Greece is so beautiful, so it wasn’t hard to take a ton of gorgeous landscape shots, but there’s one that makes me laugh every time I see it. On that day at the secluded beach in Ios, I noticed that a few of the guys had swam out to a small cliff and were jumping off, showboating for one another. All you could see were their silhouettes, and I didn’t think they could see me snapping pics of them from the beach. That is until one of them struck a serious pose mid-air and I managed to capture it in all its glory. Every time I look at the photo, it brings me back to that awesome day spent with my crazy Contiki family.

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What are your favourite must try Greek foods/drinks?

Not gonna lie, I ate gyros on the daily. Haha – you have to! It’s cheap and delicious. Besides that, you have to try moussaka, which is kind of like an eggplant and potato casserole, and of course spanakopita – a spinach and feta stuffed pastry. Oh and did I mention the coffee? I was surprised by how tasty it was, even at the tiny little roadside cafes. Straight up, Greek food is unreal – I definitely came home packing a few extra pounds, and I’m not talking about my suitcase.

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What fashion essentials would you recommend for a trip to Greece?

I’m a total black-from-head-to-toe kinda gal regardless of weather or destination, but I would recommend lots of crisp whites, bold colours and dusty neutrals for Greece – I love the way cobalt blue pops against the white buildings or how washed-out pinks complement the sky during sunset. Maxi dresses are key for looking and feeling like a Greek goddess and a pair of pretty gold gladiator sandals will take it to the next level. For style and practicality, a floppy hat is a must – the Greek sun is super hot, even during the off-season.

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If you could do the whole trip again, what would you do differently?

Not a single thing. I’ve been lucky to travel the world extensively and I can honestly say this is one of the only trips I’ve gone on that I have absolutely #NOREGRETS. It was the perfect mix of culture, fun, relaxation and nightlife. I’ve been back for all of two weeks now and all I want to know is – when can I do round two?

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