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#GreekHopping with style – A Q+A with Karina V


Wondering what happens when two Canadian bloggers take on 3 Greek islands? Well this summer, Karina V – a fashion and lifestyle vlogger, and Lauren McPhillips – Editor and Creator of This Renegade Love took on the #GreekHopping experience and came back with more than just fab photos.

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As a self-proclaimed free spirit, adventure seeker and globetrotter, Karina V shares her love of fashion, food and travel on YouTube and Instagram and defines our hair goals on a daily basis. She’s from a travelling family and it’s something that she’s loved her whole life, but this was her FIRST time in Greece. We spoke with her about her adventure with Lauren, and here’s the lowdown on her #GreekHopping experience:

Which island was your favourite – Mykonos, Santorini, Ios?

I don’t think I have a favorite to be honest. They were each very different and had their own special qualities. I loved Mkyonos for its beautiful town and nightlife. Santorini was special for its iconic Oia and blue-domed roofs, as well as its impressive calderas. I really enjoyed Ios because it was calmer and had the best beaches. It was very laid back and seemed to host a lot of young travellers.

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What was your favourite day of the trip?

Sailing Spectacular ME Time activity! About 40 out of the 50 people on our tour participated in this optional activity. It was just a great day of bonding and beautiful landscapes seen from the deck of our pirate ship. We had so much fun jumping off the boat into the Aegean Sea. We then sailed to a secluded beach where we enjoyed some Mediterranean sunshine, good food, drinks and amazing company.

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What was your #greekhopping group like?

They were great! A few couples, lots of solo travellers, some friend duos and some people who knew each other from the Road to Athens Contiki tour that preceded ours. The ages varied; our youngest was 18 and oldest was 34. What was great was that everyone got along and became a huge family, no matter how old. Lots of Australians and fellow Canadians, but also people from all over the world: New Zealand, Brazil and even Greece! I made friends that I know I will keep in touch with for a very long time.

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What are your favourite must try Greek foods/ drinks?

Moussaka, of course! But I think my favorite meal of the trip was a lamb philo pastry I had in Mykonos. I love spanakopita too and not once did I have bad tzatziki. Pretty much everything is delicious. Unfortunately, I was not as adventurous with Greek alcohol and I steered clear of the Ouzo!


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What were your favourite photo spots?

Well Oia is THE famous photo taking spot on Santorini. But I was really blown away with the beauty of Mykonos town. Lauren and I actually did a photo walk around the town together. So many beautiful buildings, doorways, colorful shutters… perfect for a sneaky IG photoshoot!

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What was your wardrobe packing strategy?

I pre-planned my outfits and packed 1 outfit per day (13 outfits). I found a lot of wearable and travel friendly clothing at H&M before my trip. I also packed a good amount of night-time outfits for dinners/bars and a few kaftans to throw on for the beach. Oh and lots of bikinis! I have to admit that I did not pack very lightly for this trip. If you are a big shopper, I would suggest packing a little less and leaving some room in your suitcase for your Greek purchases!

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Where do you wanna go next?

I am heading back to Australia next month and am hoping to take advantage of being in that part of the world to explore some new places. New Zealand? South-East Asia maybe?

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