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A green living market with a pile of green chili peppers.

Mahatma Gandhi once said “Be the change you want to see in the world.” If you’ve been paying attention to the world lately, you would know that global warming is a real issue. Time and time again, the earth has proven that it’s not happy with the way we treat it. From historical glacier melts, eradicating wildlife, intense heat waves and snowstorms, it’s safe to say that it’s become a domino effect that we can no longer ignore. Our carbon footprints affect the global pollution levels, so it’s important we are aware of the impact we play as individuals, and especially as travellers of the earth.

Leading a greener life is much easier than you think. It’s about making sustainable choices in the way we live, travel and the things we buy. So, for the love of the earth, we’ve compiled 10 quick and easy ways for you (yes, you) to apply into your life to lead a greener, happier and much more sustainable life.

So how exactly do we begin to change the world we live in?

Save energy

It’s simple really. If it doesn’t need to be turned on, TURN IT OFF. Install energy efficient lights, and turn the power off when you’re done charging your phone. You might not realise it, but this an effective way in cutting down those carbon emissions.

Conserve water

Did you know 750 MILLION people in the world lack access to clean water? Now think about the water that you can drink straight out of the tap – that’s a luxury. Every drop of tap water that you use consumes a great deal of energy. There’s actually a process for it to even reach your tap – hence why a lot of the water in South East Asian countries are unsafe to drink straight from the tap.

So consider this; when you’re brushing your teeth, turn the tap off and find alternative methods to save water like collecting rainwater to use in your garden or not being in the shower for more than 10 minutes!

Use less fuel for transport

Because nothing feels better than fresh air, so take a hike! Walk to work, the beach, the park, and anywhere your feet allows you to move. If you’re travelling and you want to check out the local scene, forget about catching taxi’s and opt to walk or cycle through the back streets of cities to visit some iconic monuments.

Ways to lead a greener life - image of girl cycling on a bike

Eat greener food

Here are some things you probably didn’t realise about the food industry. The food industry contributes substantial carbon emissions in the process of shipping their products around the world. When you eat seasonal, local, and organic food, you help to conserve the environment – as well as improve your own health.

Ways to lead a greener life - close up shot of vegetables

Don’t litter and use proper waste management

Did you know approximately 1.3 Billion tonnes of food produced is wasted? The amount of waste around the world is astronomical. Try to conserve waste by using the correct wastage bins within your homes. You see those recycle bins? Use it. Recycle those plastic containers, paper, cardboard, and aluminium etc etc.

Ways to lead a greener life - image of litter on a beach

Avoid toxins and chemicals if you can

Purchase environmentally friendly products. What do we mean by that? Many products these days contain harmful chemicals for the environment. Try and use products made from natural and nontoxic ingredients. Plenty of shops and online stores will sell organic goods. Check out renowned leaders in the fresh handmade cosmetic company Lush who prides on only using ethically sourced ingredients and fights against animal testing.

Support your locals

Hit up the local markets in your hood, and you’ll be surprised at how fresh the produce can be. Going local is contributing to lower levels of pollution as its grown within your state and it’s less likely it was imported. Not only is this an easy and effective way of leading a green life, but you get to support your local farmers and growers!

Ways to lead a greener life - image of fa fruit stall

Plant a tree

Did you know by planting one tree in your backyard properly, it can offset tons of carbon over its lifetime! If you want to go next level, you can start up a compost bin to reduce your trash footprint and reduced greenhouse gas.

Ways to lead a greener life - image of a solitary tree in a field

Realise that we’re all in this together

We all share a common fate in this world. We need to work together and be more interconnected to the earth and what we’re doing to it. It’s important to incorporate these 10 steps into your everyday life. No matter how little it may seem, it’s impacting the environment and the world we live in for generations to come.

Ways to lead a greener life - image of two girls standing in a field looking at the mountains