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Want to travel more responsibly? Here’s how…

Locals in Peru

We all wanna travel more responsibly. And let’s be real, if we can’t collectively shape a greener, more responsible future for travel, then there simply won’t be a future for travel.

That’s why we set out our 2025 11-point sustainability strategy (which we’re constantly checking ourselves against). But we know you’re all as passionate about this stuff as we are.

So, with a bit of help from our sustainability partners at TreadRight, we’ve put together a simple checklist so you can explore more responsibly next time you’re ready to hit the road.

The next step in Contiki’s Climate Action Plan

The next step in Contiki’s Climate Action Plan

Dominic Oliver
by Dominic Oliver Apr 20, 2022

The checklist

2024 is going to be another big year for travel, and if you need some inspiration on easy ways to make your upcoming trips more sustainable, we’ve got you covered.

It’s so easy! You can download this pdf right here to get access to our new and improved MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® checklist and use it as a guide for all of your travels (and even your day to day life) so that you’re making sure that you are travelling as responsibly as possible. Send it to your favourite travel buddies, as well as your friends and family, that way we can all collectively try and make a difference to the gorgeous destinations we’re travelling to, and to the world.

Of course, it’s not all about ticking boxes, and maybe you want a little more explanation – so here are a few tips below to help you get started.

al fresco dining in Palermo

Image source:Contiki

1. Who to go with

Whether it’s your accommodation, your airline, or your group travel provider, it’s important to choose companies who’s values align with your own, and who make good on their promises of delivering responsible travel opportunities. Here are things to look out for:

2. Planning and packing

Sustainable travel can start long before your feet hit the tarmac and your shades slip out their case. Planning and doing your research before you set off can slash your carbon footprint and ensure you set you off on your keenest, greenest foot. Not sure what we mean? Here are a few pointers:

Looking for more sustainable packing tips? Why not check out our awesome Alexa pack my bags skill? Just tell her where you’re going and she’ll build you a bespoke, sustainable packing list. Pretty neat right?

Costa Rica

Image source:Contiki

3. Getting around

You’re here, you’ve got your reusable goodies, and you’re feeling good. Now, how are you going to get around? Your modes of transport impact the environment, always, but it’s possible to lessen your footprint even abroad – so here are the things to keep in mind.

The ultimate Europe packing list for your next trip

The ultimate Europe packing list for your next trip

Dominic Oliver
by Dominic Oliver Apr 10, 2024

4. Sleeping and eating

Long day of wondering around? Time to grab a meal and get some shuteye. Here are some tips to make your eating and resting as responsible as possible:

International Women's Day - Iraq Al-Amir

Image source:Contiki

5. Book experiences that matter

If you couldn’t already tell, we’re big on all things MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® and it’s so important to ensure that the experiences you’re booking on trip include respect for the locals and their customs, making sure you’re being kind to the planet, and interacting with wildlife responsibly. Here’s what you should do:

The plight of India’s abused elephants, and what you can do about it

The plight of India’s abused elephants, and what you can do about it

Brinkley Davies
by Brinkley Davies Nov 02, 2018

6. And when you get back home?

Share your top tips (and incredible experiences) with your mates and family, of course! And don’t forget to download your MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® checklist right here, and share it with your crew.

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