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How to perfect your photo dump game on Insta

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If you went to an amazing holiday location and didn’t post about it on Instagram, did you even go?

As much as love living in the moment, you’ve got to make memories, and Instagram is a perf way to show off your fave photos and videos, as well as keeping in touch with all the friends that made it possible!

The newest and hottest way to share photos is, of course, the photo dump! So, if you’ve recently spent some time in full-blown professional photographer mode, now’s the time to find out how to perfect one on Instagram.

What is a photo dump on Instagram?

So, really quick, for those who aren’t in the know, a photo dump is the hottest new social media trend – and it’s very easy! You have to make use of Instagram’s carousel post, which just means that instead of the traditional one photo being posted, you can post up to 10!

The photo dump has become crazy popular for a number of reasons like not having to painstakingly select only one photo per memory, and being able to get creative and curate a gallery full of personality. You can also include both photos AND videos!

It’s so easy and we definitely recommend you have some fun with it.

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How to do a photo dump on Instagram

Easy peasy lemon-squeezy, baby! It’s like creating a regular post on Instagram, but you just have to make sure you select the ‘multiple image’ option – a small icon of overlapping squares which will appear in the bottom right of the photo you’ve selected. Flick through your camera roll, and as you select each photo a number will appear on the picture, which shows its position in the carousel. 

You can do this from all devices: phone, tablet, or desktop! 

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Doing it for fun vs. Doing it for fame

Obviously, there are two ways to go about social media – some people (most people) just want to use Instagram to stay in touch with friends and post for a closed circle of people. Some people want to gather a following and maybe even kick start an influencing career. Both are fabulous, but depending on what your goal is, your strategy should be a little different.

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Doing it for fun

If you’re just posting for close friends and family, then you should use photo dumps as an opportunity to really let loose!

Curate a little gallery of precious moments, but don’t be afraid to stick a few memes in there or some goofy videos of you and your friends badly singing karaoke. Photo dumps are also a great way to slot in any photos or videos that you love, but don’t feel like they necessarily need a full post of their own. 

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Doing it for fame

If you’re posting on Instagram in the hopes of building up a following and audience, then there are a few rules to follow.

Make sure that you create a cohesive ‘aesthetic’ for yourself – your feed at a glance should look good as that’s what will draw people in and make them want to stick around. So, the first picture in your photo dump is crucial here. 

You should also adhere to a specific posting time. It’s a little known fact that certain posting times are more advantageous than others. Try and figure out where most of your audience is based, and build your posting schedule around that. If most of the people who follow you are in the States, then there’s no point in posting at 03.00 EST, even if that is more convenient for wherever you’re located.

You should still 100% show who you are and be authentic to your true self – don’t force yourself to post anything that feels unnatural or that you wouldn’t normally. Your followers will be able to sense it, and it may just end up hurting your brand. It’ll also turn social media into more of a chore, when it’s meant to be fun!

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Tips for creating the best Instagram photo dump posts

And that’s your guide on how to do a photo dump on Instagram!

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