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Instagrammer Sam Earp proves you should definitely never go to South East Asia

sam earp - waterfall swimming in laos

Instagrammer Sam Earp (the guy who recently became a bit of a legend by impersonating his sister Sjana’s beach yoga pics) recently travelled on an Asia tour (Thailand, Cambodia and Laos to be exact) with Contiki and clearly had the worst time. I mean, who’d want to spend their days exploring ancient temples and monuments, jumping into waterfalls, learning about local culture and eating all the best South East Asian delights. Not us. Sam, we sure feel sorry for you…

He literally ate nothing weird, creepy or out of the ordinary at all. Nothing.

sam earp - bugs in bangkok

The temples and statues adorned in gold were pretty run of the mill.

sam earp - royal palace temple bangkok
A gold statue of Sam Earp posing as a buddha laying down.

The fruit was weird and spikey.

sam earp - thai fruit

Learning about the fascinating culture of the hill tribe people – no thanks.

sam earp - hill tribe lady

Similarly giving alms to monks. Way too much positive karma and self fulfilment.

sam earp - giving alms to monks

Really, who wants to spend their days jumping into waterfalls?

sam earp - waterfall swimming in laos

Or looking at sub-standard sunsets?

sam earp - sunset in laos

The food was too fresh.

sam earp - food in laos

The cheeky monkeys weren’t cute at all.

Sam Earp, a woman riding a motorcycle with a monkey in a basket.

And Siem Reap looked like this. What an utter disappointment.

Sam Earp visits Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

It’s a hard life, but someone has to do it…

Photographer and Instagrammer Sam Earp travelled on Contiki’s Asian Adventure, a 14 day extravaganza taking in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. 2016 dates and rates are out now.

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