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Is this the best road trip in the USA?

An empty road with a LA sign painted on it.

What does the dream road trip look like? Well, it has to be in the US-of-A for a start. (Nowhere’s mastered the freedom of an open road quite like this place). And while we’re here… let’s get some icons in: Route 66. Grand Canyon. Vegas. San Fran. What next? A few parties in some vibrant cities. Some National Park vibes to clear out the cobwebs. A handful of weird and wonderful experiences that’ll make the trip stick long in the memory. Oh, and we can’t forget the most crucial ingredients of all: good tunes, great friends, and someone who knows where TF they’re going.

Well, looking at all those ingredients, we think the dream road trip already exists. In fact, it’s called LA to the Bay, and you can book it with us right now. Here’s why you should…

THAT itinerary

Buckle up. When we say this road trip is all killer, no filler, we really mean it. Kicking off in LA, with time to relax on Venice beach and explore Beverly Hills. Through San Diego with its vibrant, Mexican-influenced neighbourhoods. BBQs in Phoenix, Arizona. The one-and-only Grand Canyon. Swinging across route 66 to Vegas (baby), followed up with summer camp vibes at Bass Lake, getting up close and personal with Mother Nature in Yosemite and finishing up, finally, lovestruck, in one of the world’s coolest cities, San Fran.

Deep breath. Did we miss anything? Thought not. 


Group of travellers in front of Las Vegas sign
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Unique experiences

Sure, you’ll do the iconic stuff. You know: Hollywood stars at the Chinese Theatre show. Partying in Vegas. Stopping for snaps at Route 66. But how about taking the extraordinary surfliner train from LA to San Diego, soaking up all the dramatic coastlines and cobalt skies? Stopping off at the beach for some swimming, sun worshiping and general SoCal vibes, naturally). What if we told you you could go from a morning hot air balloon ride over Phoenix, Arizona to…(get this) driving an actual digger and tearing up the world’s first adult sandbox? (Some things could only happen in Vegas). We want a road trip to be more than memorable; we want it to be unforgettable. That’s why it’s jam-packed with so many unique inclusions and wonderful optionals along the way. 


Lake in Grand Canyon National Park

Dreamy Accom

Any good journey isn’t just about the open road, it’s about stopping off in style, too. That’s why we’ve hooked you up with Under Canvas glamping right on the border of the Grand Canyon National Park. Pop your head out of the luxe tent and peep at the endless starry skies, knowing that you’re just moments away from the iconic canyon itself.

And then there’s the Pines Resort, Bass Lake, with its classic summer camp vibes. Take a dip in the pool, enjoy watersports on the lake, warm up in the jacuzzi, breathe that fresh mountain air and watch the sun go down with a cocktail. This is the life. (Though don’t stay up too late, tomorrow you’re exploring Yosemite).


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USA + social travel = the ultimate road trip

What makes the ultimate road trip? All the stuff we’ve mentioned helps, for sure. But when it comes to experiencing the USA, the people are arguably even more important than the places. The people you’ll swap playlists with; the people you’ll roll the dice in Vegas with; the people who’ll convince you to take a hot air balloon ride with them (even though heights aren’t your bag); the people in the Yosemite group shot that’ll make you smile everytime it resurfaces on your socials. All the other stuff we put in place is pretty important, but we’re really doing it to sit back and watch the magic of social travel unfold. So whether you’re joining in a group or by yourself, rest assured that LA to the Bay is an unbelievable road trip. But really, it’s the included road trippers that make it the USAs absolute best.


A group of people riding in a hot air balloon from LA to the bay.

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