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Michael Miller Is Only 19 And Already Helping Fix The Global Water Crisis


*six-two 35 under 35 changemaker of 2018 – water

There’s nothing more impressive than someone taking a stand and making a positive change, but what’s even more impressive is someone that starts doing it young. Meet Michael Miller, one of our 35 under 35 nominees who is leading the charge on making sure everyone has access to clean drinking water.

Imagine walking almost 6 kilometres every day, just to get a drink of water. This is the reality for over 663 million people in this world and Michael wanted to find a way to help, so at the age of just 18, he started a movement called Walk4CleanWater that aims to raise awareness and funds for these communities. Starting at his local high school in his hometown of Hershey, Pennsylvania, Michael has raised over $45,000 for the developing world since 2016.

Michael has been nominated in our water category for six-two’s 35 under 35 by Seth Maxwell (fellow good guy and environmental activist) thanks to his inspiring, and rather simple message; You walk for those in need, so they don’t have to.



Ending the global water crisis is Michael’s biggest passion. He works with sponsors, develops marketing strategies and builds budgets to execute walks for water in his hometown and around the country, all whilst living the normal life of a teenager.

Seth told us: “I’m nominating Michael because I believe he stands out in a crowd full of young people. I believe that Michael’s actions speak for themselves as he devotes more time to helping others than he does helping himself. I’m nominating Michael because I believe he is building something special with his international movement”.

Perhaps most special about Michael’s initiative is that it empowers others to make a difference. Inspiring fellow students to rally around people they’ve never met so they can be afforded the same access to clean drinking water they have, is placing the solution to the problem directly into people’s hands. There’s no room for ‘I don’t know how to help’ when Michael shows you the way!

Sprouting community-based, student-led walks from New Jersey to Thailand, Walk4CleanWater leverages the unique resources of online and student communities to raise money and awareness about the global water crisis that is sadly costing the lives of thousands of people every year. A growing network of walks each year raises money to fund clean water wells, equipping students to make a difference. It’s a truly amazing project, and it takes someone amazing like Michael to take the first step.

Want to join the community and make a change? You can find out more about Walk4CleanWater here.

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