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Millennials Rejoice: Someone Has Created Avocado Beer


It’s a bit of a joke that millennials are obsessed with avocado, but we’re happy to say that it’s also the truth. Avocado rocks, and a pub in London have turned the deliciously creamy stone fruit into a 100% vegan beer.

Long Arm Pub and Brewery on Worship Street in London have created the drink in celebration of Vegan Month and it’s made from start to finish on site by their hop experts. Aptly named the Millennial Stout, the brew is a mix of dark malts with a subtle hint of avo and aroma. Don’t worry about it being a creamy green colour, this looks like a perfectly normal dark beer, but with an extra dose of Vitamin C.

Now you might be thinking, ‘wait a second, what in beer isn’t vegan?!’, but what many don’t realise about a cool frothy is that in order to clarify it, animals products like casein (a protein found in cow milk) and isinglass (dried swim bladders from fish) are used, meaning that many beers aren’t good for vegans.

Vegan punters, or anyone who likes unusual brews, can sample this unique beverage and other vegan nibbles all of November at Long Arm Pub and Brewery.