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Why New Year’s Eve is both the best and worst day of the year


I have a real love/hate relationship with New Year. On the one hand, it’s a time to celebrate the year that was and also embrace the possibilities of the year to come. But on the other hand, it’s a holiday filled with undue pressure around having maximum fun and forcing huge life changes.

Whether you’re excited for New Year’s Eve or exhausted at the mere thought of showing up (or perhaps you’re like me and have a foot in each camp), we get you. This is why New Year’s Eve is the best, and also just the worst.

Con: Why would you wait to change?

People always talk about resolutions and how they’re going to be a ‘totally new person’ with none of their previous faults come January 1. This really annoys me because why should we wait for one specific day of the year to make a change? If you want to lose weight, get a new job, declare your undying love for someone, just do it now! Like, right now. There’s no need to wait for a specific date in order to make a change.

Pro: Goal setting is good for you

The positive side of New Year’s resolutions though, is that it’s a catalyst for assessing your life, taking stock and deciding what you really want. While I think we shouldn’t wait for the new year to give ourselves permission to change, I can’t argue that setting constructive goals can give you inspiration and energy to get things done.


Image source:Estée Janssens

Con: Have a good time, or else

The more pressure and expectations you put on yourself to have the best night of the year, the harder it is for New Year’s Eve to live up to it. Everyone is so stressed about making sure they have front row firework seats, the perfect outfit, a midnight kiss, the list goes on! Often, the night ends up feeling like a big disappointment if you try too hard to make it perfect.

Pro: Celebrating is fun

I do want to say I’m not a total hater on the entire holiday though because I love celebrating. In generally, celebrating is a good time. I’ve just learned over the years that when it comes to New Year’s Eve, it’s best to go with the flow, find some great friends to party with and focus on the connection rather than a specific outcome. Celebrate and appreciate the year that’s gone by and bring in the year that’s to come—that’s all you really need for a good night in my opinion.

new years eve cocktail

Image source:Brooke Lark

Con: Hangovers, crowds and other annoying things

Whether you stick to your local area at a house party or go big and head to Times Square, you’re sure to encounter something annoying. Long lines at the bar (and restrooms), masses of people all trying to get home via public transport after midnight, and of course, the headache the next day. I know I sound like the most boring person in the world but what would be a mild annoyance on any other night just seems so much worse on New Year’s Eve. I don’t want to start the new year with last year’s makeup on my face and sore feet from standing in an overcrowded park, do you?

Pro: It is a bit magical

As much as I hate on New Year’s Eve, I do find myself getting caught up in the magic of it all. The air is electric because everyone is so excited and I’m happy to ride their wave for the most part. Maybe as the clock ticks over we do get a clean slate and a world of possibilities opens up. Just maybe all the glitter and sparkle seeps into your soul and gives you some pep for the year ahead.

new year's eve sparkler

Image source:Wout Vanacker

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