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How to pack for two weeks in South East Asia

A woman in a black dress standing in front of an old building during her south east Asia travel.

You’re heading to Asia! Whether you’re going to vibrant Vietnam or terrific Thailand, you’re sure to have a great time seeing and eating everything in site. Contiki’s taken care of the itinerary for you of course, but when it comes to what to pack, you’re on your own.

JUST KIDDING (obvs)! We’ve got your back with our handy packing list for two weeks in South East Asia. Remember, it’s going to be hot!

Flight essentials

Two women posing in front of a large statue during their South East Asia travel.


TIP: This list is based on doing washing once. Washing is quite cheap in Asia, but if you’d prefer not to, just double the amounts of underwear and clothes.

A backpacker in front of a temple in South East Asia.


A group of people riding in a tuk-tuk in Southeast Asia at night.


Two people exploring a pagoda in southeast Asia.

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