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How do I…Plan the ultimate boys holiday


Anyone who thought boys don’t need yearly squad bonding getaways couldn’t be more mistaken. We’ve got the tips to make this boys holiday your best ever…

Choose a destination wisely

Nothing says boys holiday like the perfect balance between adrenaline and downtime. Think South East Asia and South America – ideal places that are the best of both worlds, with a range of adrenaline activities like zip lining through dense jungle and bungee jumping over rivers. Complimented with a continuous stream of delicious food and amazing nightlife for a lads night on the town, activities like these will have you and your buddies reminiscing for years to come.

Plan way in advance

Nothing kills the mood like money issues, and no one wants the stress of booking flights and accommodation last minute. The best way to avoid this is to book super far in advance – we’re talking months, when you’ve all comfortably got the money. Then once you’re out there, you can focus on what you and your boys do best: having an absolute blast.

Delegate tasks

Ok, so there’s one member of the crew who is utterly useless at remembering to do…well, anything – but he’s awesome at getting great deals. Boom, he’s in charge of groceries. Another team member can be put in charge of collecting the money, another for making the reservations, you get the gist. Giving everyone a clear cut task means no one will get overwhelmed by responsibility.



Keep the group small

No more than 6 people is ideal as you don’t want to lose or exclude anyone. 6 is big enough that the group can break up into smaller groups, but small enough that you can comfortably fit round a table when you all come together at mealtimes. Also, keeping it even means you avoid the awkward billy no mates situation of one boy in a room alone…

Keep it chilled

Make it relaxed: ditch any semblance of a strict, timetabled itinerary here; a loose idea of what you want to do on each day is fine. Stick to one activity a day and leave the rest of the time for exploring at your own pace. That way you’ll feel less guilty for sleeping in until midday…

Do something you all want to do

Diplomacy is key on any boys getaway. In order to avoid arguments, choose what you all want to do in advance. Can’t decide? Break off into smaller groups, and make sure your itinerary accommodates what everyone wants to do. That way, no one will feel pressured to do the high energy activities on a day when they’d rather sip beer and check out the local culture. Chilled vibes only!


Don’t make it too long

We all know a squad vacay can get ugly if it’s not cut off before the good times have a chance to stop rolling and the bromances begin to fall apart. Keep it to a week max so you can end the trip on a solid high, ready to plan the next.