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This Is The Most Popular Contiki Trip In Latin America


We’re all for dancing to the beat of our own drum, but we’re also for sussing out what everyone else is doing and joining in. That’s why knowing which Contiki trip is the most popular is juicy, juicy goss. For Europe, it’s Greek Island Hopping, but for Latin America which includes the Central and South parts of America, it’s …

The Adventurer hits up the best of the best in South America, there’s no other way to say it. Starting in Peru’s Cusco and finishing in Brazil’s famous Rio De Janeiro, it’s the perfect trip for anyone looking to tick off their South American bucket list in less than a month (no easy feat!). If you want to see Machu Picchu, The Amazon rainforest and Iguassu Falls, this is the trip for you. There’s a few reasons this is the most popular Latin America trip of all time and they can pretty much be summed up as: the adventure, the food, the culture, the local legends and the landscapes.

The Adventure

As the name says, between hiking Machu Picchu, rafting through the Sacred Valley, hang gliding over Rio’s beaches and speedboating around Iguassu Falls, this it the trip for heart pumping experiences.


The Food

South American food is unique, flavoursome and the more you try the more you’ll want. Don’t miss the local corn beer, chicha de jora, cuy (AKA guinea pig), the famous Brazillian BBQ and a Parilla foodie tour of Argentina’s best eats. Wash it all down with a Pisco Sour


The Culture

Seeing ancient ruins like the Pisac ruins will give you a taste of history, while trying your hand at a tango lesson will give you a taste of modern culture. Our personal favourite would have to be watching Peruvian women still using ancient Incan weaving techniques.


The Local Legends

Finding stuff off the beaten path is Contiki’s specialty and on The Explorer we deliver. We’ll take you to a Llama farm for major “awwwws”, an eco-lodge in the heart of the Amazon, a favela party in Rio and a fun filled day at Argentina’s favourite pastime; the Polo!


The Landscapes

The destinations themselves are enough of a calling card to get everyone rushing to South America. That first glimpse of Macchu Picchu, the eerie beauty of the Amazon Jungle, seeing Iguassu Falls (by helicopter if you dare) and climbing Sugarloaf mountain to witness the soaring Christ the Redeemer; you can’t miss these iconic sights.



Pro tip: If you want EVEN more, The Adventurer sees everything on The Explorer plus some more amazing spots in Peru like Lake Titicaca and Colca Canyon.