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Seize the daycare: Introducing social travel… for toddlers

A little girl is capturing a social moment while traveling, by taking a picture of giraffes.

What’s that sound? It’s Barcelona’s main square on a summer’s day. But above the thrumming of Spanish guitars, the pigeons dispersing overhead, the wondrous laughter of tourists who’ve travelled from far and wide to be here, there’s also the sound of travel (and childcare) being changed forever…

We’re proud to announce Contiki Daycare – the ultimate way to see the world, while also letting your children see the world, with other 18 to 35-month-olds to call their best friends for life.

‘GaGAH!’ – Jonathan, 14 months.   

Why did we launch this service? The demand of course! There are 195 countries in the world today, and if you want to see them all, you HAVE to start early. Besides, who needs pre-school when you have St Peter’s Basilica? Who needs a bassinet when you have Belgian waffles? 

With Contiki Daycare, your child will tick up to 133 countries off their bucket list before they even know what a bucket list is. Read on to find out more, and to hear from some of our first Daycare squad members (along with their adoring parents.)

‘I WENT SWIMING WITH DOLFINS’ – Newton, 18 months. 

girl gathering cherry blossoms in japan

Image source:Contiki

How it works: 

It couldn’t be easier. Just drop off your child at the confirmed start point – along with their car seat and no more than 25kg of luggage – and our dedicated Contiki Daycare team will do the rest. 

Please note: the Contiki day song for all Daycare trips is ‘The wheels on the [Contiki coach] go round and round’ and travellers should be advised that participation is mandatory (except at nap time.) 

There’s no limit to the destinations that children might visit. For example, your toddler could find themselves paragliding across the Okavango Delta, truffle hunting in rural Italy or hiking to the summit of Machu Picchu (to name but a few.)

‘IT WAS GOOD’- Charlie, 2-and-a-quarter.

What do the parents have to say?

We chatted to some of the lucky parents whose toddlers were among the first to head out on a Contiki Daycare trip – and we’re pleased to report that the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. 

‘I mean, I was sceptical at first,’ says Alison, 41, ‘until I heard Nathanial – who’d always struggled with his ABCs in English – recite the entire alphabet in French.’ 

‘Baby Nora now has the most sophisticated palette I’ve ever come across – not to mention for a 2-year-old,’ says Isaac, 46. ‘You should see the looks I get when I take a pizza out of the freezer. “No, Daddy,” she says, “we have to make the dough from scratch.”’ 

‘My son’s first word was “arancini”,’ says Maria, 28. ‘He’s going to be a genius! Thanks Contiki.’ 

‘My daughter’s stuffed bear collection is so culturally diverse, I could open up a museum,’ says Roman, 38. ‘Contiki Daycare has really paved the way for a richer life going forward.’


child forraging through a field

Image source:Contiki

Secure your child’s spot on the coach today

Sound like just the adventure your child needs? Email us at today!

Wanna travel at a regular travelling age? AKA you can walk, have all your teeth and know how to spell ‘Spain’? We’ve got just the thing for you.

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