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Spain takes the world’s best beaches award for the 20th Year running

A group of people enjoying the world's best beaches.

Congratulations are in order for the idyllic country of Spain; they’re #officially the owner of the best beaches in the world, an accolade they’ve laid claim to FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS. Srsly Spain, as if we couldn’t love you anymore…

How did Spain win such a prestigious title when there are so many epic stretches of sand across the globe? Well it’s quite technical actually! The Blue Flag International Jury look at beaches around the world and award blue flags (hence their name) to beaches that meet standards of sanitary (hygiene facilities and the like), safety (such as lifeguards and beach conditions) and accessibility (parking and disabled access) conditions. A whopping 579 beaches (16% of the beaches ranked) along Spain’s heavenly coastline have been awarded blue flags, making them #1.

With sunny climes and a strong beach culture, it’s hardly a surprise they’re well set up for a beach day is it? Possibly the coolest part though is that Spain has held the top spot since 1987, something their Association for Environmental Education and the Consumer (ADEAC) is naturally quite proud of. When one in five of your country’s beaches have been awarded a blue flag, you’re allowed to bust out the sangria!

If you’re convinced you need a Spanish beach holiday now (when is it a bad time though), the best places to laze in the sun are Valencia, which has 129 beaches with blue flags.

Galicia, which scored 113.

And Catalonia, which stole a cool 95 flags.


If for some horrific reason you don’t want to go to Spain, we won’t tell anyone about your unpopular opinion and instead mention that the country’s with the most blue flags after España are the ever lovely Greece, followed by France, Turkey, Portugal and Italy. Happy beach hopping!