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How do I…suss people out on my Contiki trip before I go?


So you’ve booked your Contiki trip, have a vague idea of what to pack and now you’re just waiting to get the hell on the plane; it’s natural to now want to suss out who else will be joining you on your whirlwind adventure! Here’s the low-down on lurking your fellow travellers before you go…

Firstly, we think it’s a nice surprise to meet everyone for the first time on day one of the trip. Why do you need to know what they look like, where they went to school or which bands they like beforehand? Getting to know people face to face may seem a bit scary in this social media driven world and we’re not telling you how to live your life BUT, going with the flow (and not judging anyone!) before you meet them is a gift only you can give yourself.

Still REALLY need to see who is going on your trip? We get it, despite what we just said, you may want to see who is on the same flights as you or who wants to meet up for dinner a few nights before the trip. Not everyone is travelling with a friend and it may ease a solo travellers mind. There are two ways to find who is on your trip…


1. My Contiki

In our online platform My Contiki we have a Meet Ups section and chat function that will allow you to connect with everyone on your trip who has joined the platform too. Joining My Contiki is super easy, all you need is your name, email and booking number.

If you need help finding it, in the top right corner of our website there will be a person icon. Click that drop down and select ‘My Contiki’. Then once you’re in the portal, click on the menu in the top right and add your trip.

Once your trip is added (you’ll need your booking number) you’ll be able to access the Meet Up for your trip 45 days prior to departure and chat to your hearts content about how excited you are to eat delish food and experience the world together.


2. Facebook Groups

A lot (like, A LOT) of people are on Facebook and some prefer to connect on there. Contiki don’t personally create any FB groups for the trips but you can search for them in Facebook, or create one yourself. The Trip Manager will also sometimes make one for the new squad, but this is usually done after the trip has started, so if you’re keen for maximum lurking that may be too late.



Connecting with your fellow travellers and future friends is TOTALLY up to you, so don’t feel any pressure to join (or not join) the banter before the trip starts. Your journey is your own