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7 things you need to pack for every type of Thailand adventure


It’s no secret that Thailand is pretty wonder-full. If we had to create our own Seven Wonders of the World, with seven amazing places everyone needs to visit in their lifetime, Thailand would most definitely be on that list.

Why? It’s the kind of place that checks every box. It doesn’t really matter what type of travel you’re into because Thailand truly has a bit of everything. So, how do you pack for a place with so many amazing things to do and places to see? We’ll tell you.

Here are the seven packing essentials to take with you for every kind of Thailand experience.

Island hopping

A little bit of sun, sand, culture, and as many Thai islands as you can fit into one trip? Yes, please! Here are your essentials:

  1. Hat – to keep you sun safe (and combat bedhead after a nap)
  2. Backpack – for storing all of your travel essentials while your luggage is stowed
  3. Travel pillow – to catch up on some zzzs while in-transit from island to island
  4. Sweatshirt or jacket – for when it’s hot and the A/C is cranked on buses and trains
  5. Earplugs/ noise-cancelling headphones – to help you sleep wherever needed
  6. Audiobooks/ your favourite playlist – to help pass the time en route
  7. Power bank – to keep your devices charged on the go

Beaching it

If all you wanna do is park yourself on the nearest Thai beach and alternate between swimming and lounging, here’s what to bring:

  1. Sunblock – SPF is a given; protect your skin
  2. Towel – to sit on or dry off with after a dip
  3. Bathing suit – to tan or swim in, your pick
  4. Sunglasses – to block the rays
  5. Beach bag – to keep all of your goods in one place
  6. Flip flops – because your walking will be at a minimum and barefoot is better
  7. A real book – because e-books can be tough to read in the sunshine
Thailand Beach

Water sports

Thailand is one of the best places in the world to snorkel, scuba, and enjoy the water and wildlife. You don’t need much, but don’t forget:

  1. GoPro / waterproof camera – to capture water shots without risking your phone
  2. Swimwear – to wear in the water, of course
  3. Towel – to sit on and dry off with
  4. Waterproof bag – to keep your valuables safe and dry
  5. Sunblock – to re-apply as needed
  6. Reusable water bottle – to stay hydrated and reduce plastic waste
  7. Your travel insurance info – just in case

City exploring

Beach life isn’t for everyone, we get it. If you’re more into city streets, street eats, modern architecture and the delightful urban energy of big cities, here’s you’ll need for your Thailand trip:

  1. Cloth bag – to hold all your new purchases and avoid single-use plastic bags
  2. Running shoes – to keep your feet clean and dry, no matter the weather
  3. Cross-body bag – to keep your hands free and your valuables close
  4. Cash – to make transactions with small vendors and markets easy as can be
  5. City map – wandering is great, but sometimes you wanna know where you’re going
  6. Kleenex – to serve as a napkin, hand towel, toilet paper; you name it
  7. Sunglasses – to shield those stunners in every light
Thailand Cities

Village visits

Getting off the beaten track and outside of the city is one of our favourite things to do in Thailand. Here’s what to bring for an authentic experience with the locals:

  1. Running shoes – for safer walking on unpaved roads
  2. Cash – no ATMs here folks, come prepared with smaller bills
  3. Toilet paper – to keep you covered in case it’s MIA
  4. Hand sanitizer – to replace soap or even water when you’re in a pinch
  5. Power bank – in case power plugs are scarce
  6. Antihistamines / medications – as a precaution
  7. Small flashlight – to save the phone battery and help you navigate at night

Temple hopping

Culture and history junkies can’t get enough of the ancient and modern structures in Thailand, but it’s best to come prepared with:

  1. Scarf/ wrap – to cover your shoulders or legs if needed
  2. Camera – to capture all of those amazing details when permitted
  3. Slip-on shoes – for easy and quick removal of footwear before entering temples
  4. Backpack – to contain all of your supplies and keep your hands free
  5. Long, loose pants – because conservative clothing is expected in most temples
  6. Cash – for entrance charges and tips
  7. Temple etiquette – to ensure you’re respecting the customs and culture
Thailand Temples

Jungle adventures

Whether it’s hiking, ziplining, waterfall chasing, monkey spotting, National Park exploring or treehouse stays in Thailand, it’ll be amazing – pack these essentials:

  1. Bug spray – to save you from scratching
  2. Hiking/ running shoes – close-toed and with good grip
  3. A buff – is it a headband? A scarf? A top? Channel your inner Survivor castaway
  4. Water bottle – hydration is key, and a bottle with built-in purifier is even better
  5. Raincoat – to stay dry and keep your plans going, no matter the weather
  6. Toilet paper – to say prepared no matter where you go (and have to go)
  7. First aid kit – just in case