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WTF: the best avocado themed restaurants around the world

avocado themed restaurants

Unless you’re one of the few people who aren’t avocado fans for some inexplicable reason, chances are you’ve searched for the green goodness at many a restaurant for many a meal. When you have that craving, there’s nothing more disappointing than a menu where an avocado is nowhere to be found, so we say, remove that kind of negativity from your life.

There are restaurants where not only is there guaranteed avocado goodness, but you’re pretty much ensured some of the most innovative and delicious avocado options on every page.

Here are 6 wonderful avocado themed restaurants that love avocados just as much, if not more, than we do:

Avocado Toast


Industry City Food Hall, 254 36th St, Brooklyn, New York, USA

Not only are their avocados sustainably sourced, but they also serve a variety of culinary variations from around the world. Menu options include salads, toasts, smoothies and bowls, all filled to the brim with avocados and other goodies like quinoa and kale. Plus, their décor and slogans only add to the avocado love.


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The Avocado Show

Daniel Stalpertstraat 61 HS, 1072 XB Amsterdam, Netherlands

All avos, all the time is how we like it, and the people at The Avocado Show agree. They have your traditional avocado fare made with sustainable avocados, along with surprising treats like cocktails and waffles. It’s all super picture perfect, and it tastes just as good as it looks.

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Belli Freschi

Last Days of Shoreditch, 288 Old Street, London, UK

If you feel guilty about your usual post-bar food choices, there is nothing you need more than an avocado burger and avocado fries to satisfy your late night craving, guilt free. Plus, when the burger looks like this and comes in varieties like beef tartare and mozzarella, there is absolutely no downside.  We didn’t know we needed a creamy bun in our lives until today…

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Avocado Grill

125 Datura Street, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Not only does The Avocado Grill have a dedicated menu section for avocados and great options such as wedges, spring rolls and BLTs, but their decor is avo-inspired as well. The exterior of the restaurant, the booth benches and the bar stools are a lovely shade that is very noticeably avocado green. That way you can feel like you’re inside of a creamy avocado while you eat one as well. Kind of an inception-esque concept, but we’re so into it.

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Madosh! Café

〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya, Japan

With Avopecino drinks, avocado pizza and avocado rice on the menu, Madosh is one of the quirkiest mixes of Japanese and western culture you’ll find in Shibuya. Just follow the glowing avocado to find your way to the green goodness.

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179 Avenue B, New York, New York, USA

We may not have known that you needed 11 varieties of guacamole until now, but we’re fully embracing this revelation. Guac is a restaurant dedicated to arguably the best and most iconic avocado dish, the holy guacamole. Not only is there a guacamole for every appetite, but they also have your typical Mexican fare, as well as great additions such as a fried avocado salad.

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