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So You Think You Have Dance Moves? The Best of the Best Nightlife in Europe


Dance the night away at these iconic European nightlife destinations. From five stories with five genres of music to karaoke lounges and aquariums, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone.

Karlovy Lazne- Prague, Czech Republic

Trying to pronounce the name might make you sound like you’ve had a few drinks already, which is a good way to start any night. Whatever your bar style, this place has it. From a basement containing foosball tables that blasts old hip hop, to different levels that have electronic, top hits, trance and techno, and a chill music level (where people happen to dance in cages) lined with bean bag chairs, this places is a must-visit for anyone. With that many clashing styles, it puts people watching at Disneyland to shame.

Space- Florence, Italy

There’s a reason Contiki makes sure you get VIP entrance to this club. A trip to Florence is not complete without a trip to Space (although, you might also feel like you’re going to space when you visit Amsterdam…). Get there before midnight to show off your skills and belt it out to your favorite song during karaoke. This is more casual than some of Florence’s other night clubs, which is perfect because you probably aren’t traveling with your show-stopping clothes (I’m sure you look great in whatever you’re wearing, seriously, and I’m not even trying to take you home).

Pacha- Ibiza, Spain

This is the only club open year-round in Ibiza and that’s because it keeps the party going year-round. Pacha nightclubs have been around for nearly 50 years, so they know what they’re doing. You have five rooms with different music styles to choose from, but be prepared to drop a pretty penny because this is one of the world’s topped ranked clubs.

Ministry of Sound- London, England

Sadly, this is not a club at Hogwarts. You won’t find any Felix Felicis (liquid luck), so you’ll have to create your own, but if you’re all about that Obliviate, look no further than the bar to forget everything you’re going to do. Sound comes first here, as it’s won the award for World’s Best Soundsystem four years in a row. Their only dress code requirements? Don’t wear suits and don’t wear sweatsuits. There’s no word on birthday suits, so try that at your own risk.

Batofar- Paris, France

This club is not for those who experience sea sickness, but it’s probably the coolest club location around. You’ll be partying until dawn on a converted barge floating on the Seine River in the heart of Paris. Experience underground hip hop, rock, electro, and techno beats and blame your questionable walking abilities on the boat, not the drinks you’ll be sipping.

Bonus: Szimpla Kert- Budapest, Hungary

Alright, this isn’t a club, but it’s a nightlife and daylife spot that’s probably unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It’s called a ruin bar and when you enter, you’ll get it. The building looks rundown…because it is. Graffitti on the walls, bicycles hanging from the ceiling, and indie films projected in the main room are a small sample of the weird you’ll experience. Head here on Friday to get Gungarian lessons and learn how to do more than ask how much your beer is (which is probably around $3).