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The Château Big Weekender: So much more than a weekend away

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Calling all big squads, small squads, solo squads, lover squads, partners in crime squads and not sure what category you fall into squads. If you’re reading this: congratulations, you’ve just made the first step into making the best decision of your life. Because we’ve been cooking up something special for our 60th anniversary (we know, we know…we look good for it). A lil’ house party, if you will. But it’s quite a big house party. And it’s not in a house, it’s in a 16th Century Château. But you get the idea… So, what is Contiki’s Château Big Weekender anyway, and what can you expect? Let’s get into it. Prepare to go full ‘ooh la la’ baby!

2017's best travel experiences - picnic in french countryside

The 16th Century Château de Cruix is our very own, oh-so-exclusive private property situated just outside of Lyon, France in the jaw-dropping Beaujolais wine region. This beaut property has been shattering traveller expectations (in a great way) for decades! And why? Because the Château is so different to anything else that we offer here at Contiki (and not just because of its Champagne welcome).

The Château Big Weekender offers you the chance to stay in one place. That doesn’t sound like us, right? But this isn’t just any place. For decades our exclusive Château has been blowing Contiki travellers’ minds, allowing them living like royalty (on a traveller’s budget!), while partying, eating delicious French food and exploring the surrounding countryside. All whilst creating that community festival-loving feeling. (Grab another bottle of fizz would you?)

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With its newly insta-worthy renovated look for 2022 have no doubt that your pals back home will be sliding straight into the DM’s within the first few hours. Why? Because pictures and videos will flood your socials of you and the squad sending it by the poolside, sending it at the pool table, drinking fizz on the terrace, sinking beers at the bar that’s always open, or catching rays on the lawn.

Oh, did we mention that we also have an onsite nightclub. (You’re welcome). Expect to dive into pool parties and transcend into pure bliss as DJs take over the terrace for some epic parties on the lawn, creating moments that will have you questioning “is this actually real?” and your friends questioning “When did this kid win the lottery!?”

Contiki Chateau in France

Here you can say goodbye to travel itineraries, although we are always on hand to host a hectic party or two, cook you 5* restaurant-worthy FEASTS and help you shake off the cobwebs with yoga, vineyard tours and loads more to get you back in touch with your cultural side. All whilst ensuring that you are having the best weekend of your life.


Q – Is the bar really always open?
A – Yes.

Q – But is it?
A – Yes…yes it is.

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A day in the life – what’s it like to stay at the Contiki Château?

A day in the life – what’s it like to stay at the Contiki Château?

Dominic Oliver
by Dominic Oliver Aug 18, 2020

So who is the Château for??

Solo Traveling? – The best thing about this trip is that the Château is for absolutely anyone and everyone. Even as a solo traveller the Château is the perfect place to be unapologetically yourself and meet some incredible people along the way.

Strapped for time? – Need a weekend away to blow off some steam? Then look no further. We understand that sometimes work or study commitments might get in the way of you wanting to get off the grid for three weeks on a Contiki road trip across Europe. Spread across just a long weekend Friday – Sunday (maybe take the Monday off for an extra day of recovery) you could be back home before anyone even realised you’re gone or what you got up to. We can’t however say the same for your camera reel, though (it never lies).

eating food at contiki's chateau de cruix

Want to get away with the whole squad? Why not? Whatever the reason, The Château is the ultimate place to get some top-quality bonding time in and expand the friendship group! So get on the group chat and get the whole team involved.

You can BOOK NOW for a tiny deposit and then pay the rest over time until your departure date (the entire thing is pretty incredible value tbh). The question is not why would you book… it’s when. (But don’t leave it too late as once this trip is fully booked, you’ll have to wait till next year).

A group of friends standing on top of a mountain at sunset.

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