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5 best things to do in Korcula

things to do in korcula - image of korcula island

If Dubrovnik and the sparkling Adriatic were to have a love child, Korcula would be it. Small but mighty, what Korcula lacks in size it makes up for in natural beauty – woodlands, olive groves and vineyards are dotted across the island, interspersed with sleepy fishing villages, hidden coves and beaches and of course, Korcula’s piece de la resistance, the old town. Travellers come to Korcula for the famed local wine and a slice of Mediterranean life but what they leave with is so much more – a glimpse into what makes this little island so utterly unique. No Croatia tour is complete without this particular pitstop, so here are 5 best things to do in Korcula:


The beating heart of the island, Korcula Old Town is, quite frankly, bloody beautiful. The comparisons to Dubrovnik are easy to see – the smooth marble streets, terracotta roofs and Medieval city walls are pretty much a like for like – but it’s the fishbone structure of the town that makes it so unique. And it doesn’t stop there, packing a punch with sights like St Mark’s Cathedral and the Marco Polo museum (the style icons birth place no less). As for food, the family owned restaurants may look quaint, but they sure are delicious.

things to do in korcula - image of korcula old town


The island life calls for seafood at every meal, and Korcula sure as hell doesn’t disappoint. The buzaru (mussels) are fresh to death, whilst brodet, a fresh fish cooked with tomatoes, parsley, garlic and white wine, will have you re-evaluating all other relationships in your life. And it’s not just the fish that will have you returning 5 pounds heavier – pasticada, makaruni and peka are all mouth-wateringly delicious. You may not know what they are all right now, but once you get to Korcula, you’ll thank us.

things to do in korcula - image of a plate of mussels


Croatia’s coastline is beautiful in every way with only one small ingredient lacking – sand. But this is where Korcula differs from its mainland counterpart, with the southern end of the island dotted with small quiet coves and sandy beaches just made for lazy summer days, which makes this one of the best things to do in Korcula. Of course, this being Croatia, the island also has its fill of pebble beaches on the northern shore, where the snorkelling is seriously on point.

things to do in korcula - image of a beach in korcula


The ultimate destination bar, Massimo’s cocktail bar is one of the worst kept secrets on Korcula. Set in the turret of the 15th century Zakerjan Tower, the bar can only be reached first by stairs, then by ladder. Cocktails are then bought to you by way of a pulley system as you take in the view from all around. Climbing up that ladder with a clear head is one thing. Climbing down after a few potent cocktails…interesting.

things to do in korcula - image of Massimo’s cocktail bar


On June 30th every year, locals and travellers alike come together to celebrate the half new year, a summer celebration really unlike any other. Plazas come alive with live performances, masqueraded crowds and musicians as party goers of every age join forces to celebrate the beginning of a new half year. Locals welcome travellers into the fold like long lost relatives, so come next June 30th, we’ll be seeing you in Korcula, right?

things to do in korcula - image of a group of friends dancing

That’s it for our things to do in Korcula list. We hope you’ve enjoyed our recommendations and please drop us a comment below if you’ve visited and you’d like to suggest other inclusions for this list.

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