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This is your ultimate 3 week Europe itinerary!

Venice in winter, Italy

Obsessed with Europe? So are we! I mean, it’s got a little (or a lot) of everything, for everyone, and though Europe is the second smallest continent, it’s packed with beauty and diversity. If you’re dreaming of it (just like we constantly are), then hope on our aptly named European Dream trip and explore the BEST of Europe.

England, the Netherlands, Germany, Czechia, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, and France – this is the ultimate 3-week Europe itinerary.

Week 1

Ooo the pre-trip jitters are starting, all the excitement is bubbling up to the surface, your mega European adventure is about to begin! Week 1 isn’t going to let you down, so let’s get into it: the first part of your epic 3-week Europe itinerary!

Day 1 – London to Amsterdam

This is it, day 1 of 20, country 1 of 12, and you start in London, one of the coolest and trendiest cities of the continent. If you’ve arrived a few days early and need some guidance, we have an article for you! But now it’s time to head to Amsterdam and get this show on the road.

Admire the stunning White Cliffs of Dover, and get to know France’s beachside town of Calais, before you land in Amsterdam: the city of canals, cosy cafes, and breezy bikerides.

Travellers in Amsterdam

Image source:Contiki

Day 2 – Amsterdam

Wake up and smell the tulips, you’ve got a full day in Amsterdam to use as you like! We recommend hitting one of the many museums. Whether it’s the Van Gogh Museum or Anne Frank’s House, you’ll be soaking up history and culture, as well as the sun and good vibes. Then, reconvene together for a seafront meal, and an evening cruise that’ll let you see Amsterdam in a new, twinkling light.

Day 3 – Amsterdam to Berlin

It’s out of the Netherlands and into Germany today, and we’re trekking all the way to Berlin on day 3 of your 3 week Europe itinerary. Get ready for a wind of effortless cool to wash over you, because Berlin is Amsterdam’s edgy older sister. 

We’ll visit some historic sites at the East Side Gallery, and we’ll also take a walking tour past War Memorials, Alexanderplatz, the Reichstag building, and so much more. In the evening why not try to get into one of the city’s iconic clubs, if you dare.

Day 4 – Berlin

Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey (or should we say cheese, pretzels, and apple pancakes?). It’s day 2 in Berlin and if you feel like you didn’t learn enough yesterday, you can head for a historical walking tour to discover notorious Third Reich spots. But if that’s not taking your fancy, then you can take the ‘Alternative Berlin’ tour and learn about things you may not be able to find in history books, and enjoy a delicious dinner at the end of it.

However you choose to spend your day in Berlin, make sure to soak it all up because tomorrow we’re hitting a new place.

10 best things to do in Berlin on your next visit

10 best things to do in Berlin on your next visit

Natalie Siagian
by Natalie Siagian Jan 05, 2016

Day 5 – Berlin to Prague

Known for its suuuper cheap drinks, Prague is so much more than just a budget boozy stay, and you’re about to unlock its true potential. Walk across the Charles Bridge to catch a full view of Prague’s terracotta-tiled roofs mirrored on the surface of the Vltava river. Explore the city’s gorgeous landmarks, and get up close and personal with Czech culture by spending a traditional evening with your Contiki crew, which includes live music and lots of dancing!

Day 6 – Prague

Another free day in a gorgeous city – we really are blessed, aren’t we? Turn your day into the adventure you want by renting a bike to whirl around the pastel buildings, or stroll through Old Town to find a cute cafe, restaurant, or bar where you can let the hours slip away with friendly chats amongst friends and locals. Also, don’t forget to try the iconic chimney cakes – they’re to die for!

Day 7 – Prague to Budapest

Town of classical architecture and famed thermal baths, we head to Budapest as the first week of this 3-week Europe itinerary comes to a close (wow, already?!). This is the place where many iconic movies and tv shows were filmed, including the Shadow and Bone series, so you can have fun gallivanting across the streets to find familiar sights, or simply stand outside of the Origo Studios where many sets were created.

But don’t get too distracted, because tonight we take the city by storm as we’re out to discover the iconic ruin bars and have a marvellous time!

Budapest baths, Hungary

Image source:Contiki

Week 2

We’re really getting into the rhythm of it now, and maybe you’re even starting to feel like a local…? If not that, then you’ve got friends a plenty to continue your adventures with and howl with laughter through the streets.

The ideal 2 weeks in Europe itinerary from London to Amsterdam 

The ideal 2 weeks in Europe itinerary from London to Amsterdam 

Charlie Fabre
by Charlie Fabre Dec 04, 2023

Day 8 – Budapest

So you didn’t get much of a chance to have a relaxing dip yesterday, but today is the day! Head to one of Budapest’s many thermal bath spots so you can soak in healing waters and sweat out the toxins from last night.

Once you feel like a newborn baby, head out for a walking tour of Budapest with a local for all that authentic knowledge, and visit the House of Terror and the stunning Parliament Building (one of the prettiest Parliament Buildings in Europe, we think!). Then, relax in the evening by taking a cruise for food and drink with your Contiki crew, and watch as the aforementioned building sparkles bright gold across the Danube. Budapest, you’re gorgeous, we never want to leave!

Day 9 – Budapest to Sarajevo

Week 2 of your 3-week Europe itinerary, and we’re hitting country number 6! You get your first taste of the Balkans with Bosnia, an eclectic country filled with stunning and unique gems.

The city is surrounded by hills and greenery, so it’s a real treat to the eyes, complete with that synonymous art-nouveau architecture of Europe’s Eastern countries. But you’ll also find an edge with various street art displays!

Sarajevo, Bosnia

Image source:Contiki

Day 10 – Sarajevo

Your day in Sarajevo will treat you to plenty of culture and history. As per, there’s a guided tour of the town on offer so you can enjoy a leisurely stroll over charming cobblestone streets. But if you want something a little impactful, you can discover the War Tunnels which maze around the city.

But the best part of the day is dinner where you’ll be invited into the home of a local family who will cook delicious dishes and treat you like one of their own. When you’ve been travelling for 10 days, all you need is a hearty home-cooked meal, and this MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience 100% delivers all the comfort you need.

Day 11 – Sarajevo to Dubrovnik

Off to a new country and city, but first we’ll stop off at Mostar so we can gawk at just the most stunning stone bridge which arches over a river of pure turquoise water. Did someone say heaven?

After enjoying the Mostar’s mediaeval charm, we’re in for a treat with even more in Dubrovnik, which will please all our avid Game of Thrones fans! Fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves against the city walls, and dream of tomorrow.

Day 12 – Dubrovnik

Did you know that Dubrovnik is a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Well you do now, and as you take a guided walking tour you’ll discover exactly why. Wind through the narrow streets under a golden sun, walking along the walls and view the city above, and don’t forget to take a dip in the glittering sea. Bliss, bliss, bliss!

This is kind of a day to truly let your inner child run free by splashing in the waves and discovering rock pools, and of course tracing the steps of the Lannisters and Starks. Top it off with an evening dinner cruise, and we’d call this day a total win!

Feast on traditional Croatian dishes at this beautiful farm-to-table tavern near sunny Split

Feast on traditional Croatian dishes at this beautiful farm-to-table tavern near sunny Split

Charlie Fabre
by Charlie Fabre Oct 06, 2023

Day 13 – Dubrovnik to Split

Another day another amazing Croatian city, and this time it’s Split with sandy beaches and palm-tree lined streets. Get a taste of ancient history by visiting Diocletian’s Palace: one of the best-preserved Roman buildings in the world, and then wander the markets nearby. 

For dinner you’ll enjoy a special MAKE TRAVEL MATTER® Experience in the form of a farm-to-table meal. Cooked in a traditional ‘peka’ style, you can wander Stella Croatica’s herb garden where all the produce is grown, and sample local wines and the most delicious tapenade ever. 

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Image source:Contiki

Day 14 – Split to Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a day trip you do not want to miss! Pink and yellow buildings, cobblestoned streets, a castle on a hill??!! Fairytale-like Ljubljana is charming, but if you don’t believe us you’ll soon find out. Enjoy local orange wine, which the area is famous for, and a leisurely stroll around town.

Then have a classic Slovenian dinner complimented by the entertainment of a lifetime: traditionally dressed men and women, dancing, singing, and a fun game which we won’t spoil. With full bellies, head back to the street, and find a bar in which to continue the fun.

Week 3

Okay, NOW you feel like a local: you know Europe and all the customs like the back of your hand. Maybe you even feel comfortable ordering coffee in a different country. You’re an absolute travel pro now, so this last week will be a breeze!

Day 15 – Ljubljana to Venice

That’s the Balkans done, and we’re nearing the end of the 3-week Europe itinerary, so Italy seems like the obvious next stop.

Everybody wants to go to Venice, right? It’s one of those bucket list destinations, so now’s your chance. The canals are dreamy, the lagoons even more so, and Venice’s incredible art and food scene will have your jaw on the floor. Indulge with Venetian style tapas and many unique motoscafo rides across the water. Italy, we love you, you’re a dream!

Venice, Italy

Image source:Contiki

Day 16 – Venice to Lucerne

One of Europe’s most hidden gems, Lucerne is a quaint Alpine town in Switzerland, dotted with charming wooden bridges, white buildings with fancy roofs, and of course all the chocolate in the land. Swiss chocolate, yum x1000, and you get to eat it for 2 days straight (you deserve it!).

The Ultimate Swiss Holiday

The Ultimate Swiss Holiday

Denis Basler
by Denis Basler Feb 15, 2024

Day 17 – Lucerne

Take a day to get to know Lucerne and all its amazing little secrets. There’s the chocolate, which we’ve already mentioned, and we assume you’re already all over that anyway. But there’s also the Wooden Chapel Bridge which is as colourful as it is interesting, as well as the regal sandstone Lion Monument reigning over a pool of water.

And then it’s time to get a little active by getting a cable-car ride up Mount Pilatus and hiking around the glacial lake, or taking a cruise of gorgeous Lake Lucerne. Breath in the freshest of air that the Alps provide, and try to bottle some for later as well. Tomorrow we head to France, so soak it all up.

beautiful lakes in Europe - Image of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland

Image source:Contiki

Day 18 – Lucerne to Paris

Paris! How can you have a trip to Europe and not enjoy Paris, the most touristic destination in the world. And it didn’t earn this title for no reason! What’s really great about Paris is that it’s not huge, and all the monuments and bucket list locations you want to see are easily within walking distance.

It’s truly something special, and though you can walk the city in a day, you’ll get side-tracked A LOT by your need to explore every nook and cranny. But let’s start with an aerial view by climbing to the 56th floor of the Montparnasse Tower for an unbeatable view of the city of love.

Day 19 – Paris

Ooo Paris for another day, yay! And it’s all yours. Sample the many buttery pastries at a classic boulangerie, get a whiff of luxury at a french perfumery, take a tour along the cobble-stone streets, gawk at the Haussmann architecture, and nip into as many stunning museums as you can. Whether you want art, fashion, design, or history – Paris has a museum for you.

Then, as this is the last day of this epic 3-week Europe itinerary, have the night of your life at a Parisian Cabaret dinner and show. It’s exactly what it sounds like: dinner (and you know it’ll be good, you’re in France after all) accompanied by a cabaret show of feathers and lace. The atmosphere here is honestly unbeatable, and you’ll be talking about this to anyone who will listen on your way home.

travellers at Moulin Rouge in Paris

Image source:Contiki

Day 20 – Paris to London

Finally, the European Dream journey comes to an end as we head back to London, through Calais and Dover again, but don’t shed too many tears, because there are many more European trips on the horizon for you and all your new friends.

Why travel to Europe with Contiki?

A few reasons:

Imagine doing 3 weeks in Europe all on your own; sounds tricky right? But with us you can, and what we’ve highlighted above are only some of the experiences you’ll have – in reality, there’s so. Much. More!

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