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5 tips to prioritise self-care whilst travelling


Whether you’re travelling for work or just booked your dream adventure, sometimes the stress of organising travel can mean our self-care routines drop down the priority list once on the trip. These five useful tips will ensure you’re feeling relaxed, healthy and in control – ready to have a kick-ass vacay…

Stretch it out

Travelling for long hours can take its toll on your joints and muscles. Sitting idle in the same posture on a flight or in the car for long hours renders your back, waist and legs stiff (let’s be honest). Take short breaks if you’re travelling by car. Get out, walk a few paces and stretch your hands and legs a bit. If you’re on a flight, stand up a few times (ideally every hour) and walk a few steps. This ensures that blood circulation in your body parts continues to have a smooth flow and will reduce the simmering stress inside your muscles and joints.

Have a digital detox

In the same way as the wrong food, water shortage and insufficient sleep increase the level of toxins in the human body, a flurry of emails, messages and calls on your smartphone adds to the levels of mental stress. Allowing a digital overload only distracts from your trip and disturbs sleep. Switch off the smartphone, the laptop and the tablet one hour before you go to sleep. Do not surf on social media until late into the night and instead, use the time to get some extra sleep or read a book.



Follow your usual excercise routine

When travelling, it’s common for many people to ignore their usual exercise routine. If you are a fitness freak and work out every day at home, follow your exercise routine while travelling as well. If your hostel has a gymnasium, hit the floor in the evening after a day of exploring and sweat it out instead of taking to the couch. Scout for a hostel or hotel that has free space inside or pack lightweight props like resistance bands and skipping ropes that take up no space in your suitcase and require little to no prior planning.

Sign up for all of the activities

There’s absolutely no doubt that the easiest way to stay active while travelling is to sign up for all the fitness-related activities (even better if it doesn’t feel like exercising at all). Explore the local scene by walking the pavements of the city, scout for a lively bar to get your dance on, or sign up for that local surfing lesson you’ve always wanted to do. Other options are sunrise yoga lessons, hiking to iconic places like Machu Picchu or going on a kayak adventure.

A woman in a hat is enjoying some self-care while looking out over the city of Dubrovnik.

Drink lots of water

While travelling, we do more miles and use more energy than we do while staying at home. Ignoring the body’s water requirements brings along the issue of dehydration and leads to loss of energy, stomach problems and urinary issues. Drink more water than usual while travelling. Carry at least two bottles of drinking water all the time. If reliable drinking water is unavailable in the vicinity, look for options like fruit juice and stay hydrated all the time.

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