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The power of travel – travel can make you healthier and more goal-orientated


At Contiki we’ve always passionately believed in the power of travel to change your life for the better. Well, it turns out we weren’t just making it up. After working with Columbia Business School psychologist, Adam Galinsky, we’ve got the data to prove it.

We posed the question: does travel make us better humans?  Looking at data related to interests, passions, health and careers, we found that the answer to our question was, well, yes.

Travellers are better at keeping their eyes on the prize

Going on global adventures takes a lot of planning and forward-thinking, so maybe it’s little surprise that Canadian travellers are 22% more likely to achieve goals that they set for themselves than non-travellers.  And these goals aren’t always ‘go to Italy and eat pizza’ or ‘lie on a beach in California.’ Our study shows that travellers are also 21% more likely to prefer challenging goals that they can learn from, rather than from taking the easy route.

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Share your Power of Travel story to WIN

Share your Power of Travel story to WIN

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Canadian travellers are happier & healthier

Speaking of challenging goals, Canadian travellers are 43% (!) more likely to exercise regularly than non-travellers. Add the fact that they’re 44% more likely to eat a balanced and healthy diet, and you’re looking at a far healthier portion of the population.

Given that Canadian travellers are characterised by good health and a goal-orientated mindset, it’s little wonder that Canadian travellers are 20% more likely to be happy than non-travellers. Or maybe that’s just because they can’t stop thinking about the trip to Europe they have planned in the summer…


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