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The power of travel – exploring the world makes us more compassionate

Women in Guatemala

Both the six-two and Contiki teams have always believed in the power of travel and that travel can shape us as people. Now, after conducting a study with Columbia Business School psychologist, Adam Galinsky, and after speaking to hundreds of real Contiki travellers, we’ve got the data to prove it.

The main goal? To find out whether travel can make us better people. And after comparing the qualitative answers of hundreds of global travellers with non-travellers, and investigating the participants’ world views and passions across regions, the answer is undoubtedly yes. Here are some of the key findings when it comes to travel and compassion…

Travel shapes our cultural awareness

According to the study, 90% of South African travellers say that travel has helped them develop an awareness of other cultures that has led to increased tolerance and compassion of others (compared to 69% of non-travellers). They report feeling 8% more empathetic to their friends compared to non-travellers.

What’s more, 13% of South African travellers are likely to volunteer over 10 hours a month – the highest percentage of all the countries included in the study (with the US coming in second at 11%). 

They may also be some of the most independent travellers in the world with 37% of South African travellers saying they like to explore regions solo.

Share your Power of Travel story to WIN

Share your Power of Travel story to WIN

Amy Bonifas
by Amy Bonifas Mar 08, 2020

South Africans love seeing the world

Across the world, South Africans are some of the most well-travelled people in the world! While domestic travel within their continent is high, three-quarters of South Africans we interviewed have travelled internationally in the last year, with Australia, UK and US the top three countries. One third of those interviewed have travelled every month or more in the last year, and 42% of travelling South Africans have lived in another country.

Here’s to more 2020 adventures and eye-opening experiences!

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