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Travel Hack: How You Can Turn 17-Days Of Annual Leave Into 43-Days Off

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This is the ultimate travel hack for Aussies. Ever.

Using a travel hack, a group of people energetically dance in a hallway.

Skyscanner has just released the ULTIMATE holiday-hacker and we want in.

Did you know that the average Australian gets four weeks of annual leave a year? Break down the numbers that’s 20 precious days out of the 254 working days we’ve got up our sleeves.

Now it’s no surprise that we’re all a bunch of travel addicts. So why not become resourceful with your holidays as we (hope) you are? This could mean turning those blissful 20 days into….wait for it….43 days off! 

The smart lil’ buggers at Skyscanner Australia created a useful calendar for public holidays filled with popular events and holidays around the world that you could fit into your 2016 travel plans.

With predictions of 180,000 Aussies chucking a sickie on Monday just before Australia Day, (because, #STRAYA), there’s also solid evidence that Sydney will become the most popular city to celebrate in.

Check out the calendar below y’all. 

Skyscanner travel bucket list calendar - 2016

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Download your own copy of SkyScanner’s calendar here and make the most of those annual leave days in 2016!