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The ultimate guide to hosting the best Friendsgiving

Friends eating

Friendsgiving season is upon us. Never heard of it? Not sure where to start? Whether you celebrate yearly or have no idea what this faux holiday is, we’re here to break it down for you. If you ask me, this is the best made up holiday of the year and seriously, no one turns down two Thanksgiving meals. Here’s everything you need to know about hosting the best Friendsgiving…

So, what exactly is Friendsgiving?

According to Google, the term Friendsgiving popped up in the late 2000s on Twitter and the trend really started picking up from 2011-2013. But now it’s a completely separate holiday from Thanksgiving. Each friendship group celebrates differently – some gather before Thanksgiving  because the actual day is usually reserved for family, while others get together on Thanksgiving Day because they can’t make it home for the holiday. Either way, it’s a celebration where friends get together, eat, drink, and be merry. Simple, right?

Step 1. Decide who to invite

Invite all of your closest friends but keep an open door policy and let them bring a plus one or two. This way all your friends will show up and have an extra good time because they can bring a significant other or bestie from a different squad.


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Step 2. Organize the food and feasting

No Friendsgiving would be complete without a full spread of your fave Thanksgiving foods. You know, the full works: turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, yams, cranberry, bread rolls, and pie!

Don’t forget, Friendsgiving = potluck. The host should make the turkey (and gravy) but the guests should pitch in and bring the sides, desserts, and drinks. Pro-tip: assign the good cooks of the group the more complex sides and let the shopper friends bring desserts and dinner rolls. Easy.

Step 3: Think about the good vibes

Ok, so the invites and food are taken care of. Now you need to set the mood for the evening and make sure everyone has a good time. There are a few things to get in order. First, make introductions so all of your guests know each other. Second, make a crowd-pleasing playlist. You know your friends best, be sure to include different genres to please everyone (throwbacks are always a good idea). Third, plan some games. In my experience, some of the best Friendsgiving activities include: giant Jenga, board/card games (hello, Cards Against Humanity), and group video games like Mario Kart.

Lastly, hand out party gifts like a bag of cookies with a handwritten note telling them why you’re thankful for them!


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Should you participate in Friendsgiving?

Even though Thanksgiving is traditionally a U.S. holiday, we all have things to be thankful for. Friendsgiving is the perfect excuse to bring your global squad together and celebrate your chosen family. You’ll have good food, laughs, and even better company – all essential things for boosting your mood and wellbeing during the hectic holiday season. It’s a no-brainer!