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Voice of a Generation: Our survey reveals your thoughts on the future of travel

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Recently, we asked over 1200 of you a series of questions about the future of travel. In the context of a global pandemic, and with most plans to travel still on hold, we wanted to know how this had shifted sentiment amongst the biggest, most adventure-loving travel group of all: 18-35s.

And it turns out – you’re as hungry as ever for it! 100% of you said that yes, you still plan to travel – the question was simply ‘when?’

Find out what else you’ve been sharing, the trips you’re most looking forward to and what you now value most about travel.

Voice of a generation survey

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You’d take the Covid vaccine if it meant you could travel

Yep, you’re desperate to get back out there. And who can blame you? It’s been a monumental build up, and there’s a ton of pent-up travel-lust.

Whilst understandably many of you had caveats to travel in the current climate, almost 20% of you said you just want to get on the next flight. As in, literally, now: 58% of you said you’d travel today even if it meant you had to quarantine when you got home. And 67% of you said you’d book a mystery ticket not knowing where you’d go until the day before. The wanderlust is real.

But you prioritise safety in a big way

On a scale of 0 to 10, you rated the importance of safety and wellness protocols at 8. So, eager to travel? Yes. But doing it in a safe way? Absolutely.

Check out Contiki’s updated wellness guidelines for Covid-safe travel.

58% of you would travel today even if you had to quarantine on return home

Image source:Contiki

Booking flexibility is key when planning a trip

86% of you said free cancellation and the flexibility to change your mind (74%) were the top two motivators to booking a trip right now. Discounts are still a strong booking motivator (72%) with three quarters of you saying that you’d pay upfront in full if it meant a bigger discount on your trip.

Check out Contiki’s details of our 30 day flexibility promise or watch our video for more info:

86% of you said you’re seeking a unique experience for your next trip

Nowadays, it’s about creating memorable, special experiences – those once-in-a-lifetime, bucket-list adventures. Think safaris and stargazing, natural wonders, and off the beaten track hidden-treasures. Other popular travel experiences were food-focused (65%) – with activities such as wine-tasting and cooking – or outdoor-led pursuits (62%); like cycling, hiking and kayaking.

In other words, a trip that helps you discover spectacular destinations in exciting new ways. 39% of you miss this aspect of travel the most.

Travel Infographic

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Europe is still top of the bucket list

Of all the locations you’re longing to see, Europe’s top of the list – 40% of you are keen to travel here next. Behind that it’s Asia where 11% of you fancy taking your next trip.

Although eager to hop on a plane ASAP 77% of you said you’ll be planning more staycations and domestic travel this year. This reflects the likelihood of restrictions taking time to ease up in full – the appetite’s there but we gotta sit tight for a bit.  As the world opens up more, 31% of you said you’d prefer to visit less populated destinations to better socially distance. But most of you (56%) don’t mind – you just want to get back out there! WE FEEL YOU.

QUIZ: Which Contiki Detour trip should you try?

QUIZ: Which Contiki Detour trip should you try?

Amy Bonifas
by Amy Bonifas Oct 16, 2020

The past year has made you appreciate travel way more

45% of you said you appreciate travel now more than ever. Meanwhile 21% of you said the events of the past year have set the intention to make more trips, more often, and 12% of you now want to get off the tourist trail and immerse yourselves in local cultures. It seems authentic experience, genuine connection, and the desire to explore the world as much as possible now sit front of mind for the younger travel group.

Solo travel with Contiki

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And when you’re out there, you’re conscious about the ways you can travel more sustainably

74% of you would look to source from local markets when you’re on the road and 66% would avoid single-use plastics.

60% of you also want to find ways to support local wildlife, as well as find ways to offset your carbon footprint.

And 94% of you would consider group travel with Contiki for your next adventure…

… which is pretty great, given we’ve got heaps of incredible adventures to choose from! Our Contiki mission has always been to bring travellers together to discover the world, whilst offering you the flexibility to tailor a trip that’s just right for you. As we’ve seen from our survey results, we might share different perspectives, but we’re all united in our love of travel.

We’ve curated over 350+ unique trips for you to satisfy that curiosity at every level. From Limited Edition trips to Detour mini-adventures, right through to 45+ day tours through Europe there’s something for every intrepid explorer and travel lover out there. 

Just remember – the days of travel are coming. And it’s going to be one hell of a trip when it all kicks off.

group passports

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