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6 warning signs you need to curb your spending habits

A woman is holding a piece of money while traveling.

We’ve all had phases (or lifetimes) of being bad with money – it’s part and parcel of growing up and becoming a fully functioning adult. But how do you know if your spending habits are actually out of control? If these 6 signs describe you down to a T, it’s probably high time you switch up your spending game, and fast…

You pay for netflix and spotify

Music and TV shows are super essential, but they are luxuries that you probably can’t afford right now. We know how much you adore Stranger Things (who doesn’t?) and advert-less music, but while your ability to ignore the direct debits sneakily coming out of your account every month is nothing if not admirable, maybe it’s time you just learnt to deal with the ads?


You have a ‘treat yo self’ day every day

For some, treating yourself might be a relaxing detox bath, but for others it might be a huge online shopping spree. Don’t get me wrong – treating yourself is important AF, and an integral part of self care. But splurging on an expensive gift for yourself as a treat for saving money all week can be somewhat counter productive. After all, treating yourself is supposed to be…well, a treat – not a daily routine.


You’re too scared to check your bank balance

Can you remember the last time you checked your bank balance? If the process of logging into your online bank account involves months of mental preparation beforehand, having a glass of wine at the ready and crossing your fingers before clicking ‘log in’, this ain’t good.

Anxiety over checking your bank balance is hella common but serves as the ultimate wake up call. If you don’t think you’re gonna like the look of your bank statements, it might be time for a change.

The word budget isn’t in your vocabulary

If ‘budget’ sounds like a foreign word to you and you’ve been known to compare the ability to save money to witchcraft, it’s probably about time you start getting to grips with life on the cheap. The world is full of budget-friendly hacks for those months when money is tight, so you might have to put your pride aside for the sake of your savings. So maybe think twice before ordering that takeaway when you know there’s pasta in your fridge?



Uber is your main form of transport

Okay, we’re all a little guilty of this one. Yes we have legs, but any number of excuses can justify an uber trip home, even if you know it would only take you 10 minutes to walk. Perhaps you’ve gotten so used to the warmth of a car that you actually get shocked and offended whenever someone suggests public transport. It’s time for an intervention: delete the app, and give your bus pass the love it’s been missing recently. Your wallet with thank you endlessly.

You keep having to ask your parents for money

You’ve rehearsed the script in your head and you’re ready to make ‘the call’ to the bank of mum and dad for an emergency transfer  – the 6th call this year. You tell your parents it’s unavoidable, and reassure them that this will be the last time; but then the sales hit, and before you know it you’re making the same call again – even though you just got paid. It’s an easy cycle to fall into, but it’s about time you re adjust your attitude towards money, as I’m sure your parents would agree…