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Don’t leave for Egypt without reading these 5 pro tips

Travel to Egypt to visit the pyramids of Giza.

One morning, I got an email that flipped my world upside down. I remember the subject line read, “CONGRATULATIONS, YOU’VE WON” and I almost marked it as trash because I thought it was spam. I never win anything.

I soon discovered that I was the latest winner for six-two’s community contributor program. My article on what to expect before moving to Australia had out performed all other community submissions, and as such Contiki were sending me on any tour in the world, including flights! I chose the Egypt and the Nile trip because I knew that if I wanted to see Egypt, it would be best to go on a tour. That way I could learn about the culture and explore locations that I probably wouldn’t have seen on my own. Plus, I wanted to see the pyramids!

What is this ancient and mythical country like, I hear you ask? Here’s what to expect when you travel to Egypt.

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Getting an upset stomach is common when touring Egypt. The food is very rich and likely different to what you’re used to eating at home. But as you might expect, the food in Egypt is (for lack of a better word) drool-worthy.

It’s filled with hummus, falafels, pita bread, olives, cheese, meats, baklava and it’s all FRESH. Don’t even get me started on the lamb kebabs and spicy shawarma. Also, make sure to try Turkish coffee while you’re there. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it is worth the caffeine jolt. Just be cautious with the last sip…

Pro tip: Although the lure of cheap street food is enticing, don’t get it in Egypt. It might make your stomach really upset. Opt for restaurants instead — chances are they’ll be just as cheap.


Safety is a major concern that pops into people’s heads when they think about Egypt. But as with any place around the world, you just need to be aware of your surroundings and look after your belongings. Personally, I was never concerned about my safety on my Contiki trip because we had a well respected Egyptian tour manager (shoutout to Sherif!). Plus, we were accompanied by an armored guard on our tour bus. Don’t let the scary things that happen in the world hinder your curiosity to explore.

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Sites (and not just the Pyramids)

Oh, the sites! They’re every bit as magical as you would expect. I’ve been to a lot of tourist destinations around the world and, surprisingly, I didn’t think the pyramids were very touristy (although it might have been the time of year).

We had a chance to roam around the first pyramid, go deep inside the second pyramid and take a camel ride around the third pyramid. We spent a few hours exploring and learning about the pyramids and the Great Sphinx. Other than the amazing, beautiful and mysterious pyramids, we saw heaps of temples!

Gawk at the massive statues of King Ramses II at Abu Simbel. Tilt your head back at a massive obelisk at the Temple of Karnak in Luxor. Learn about the god of the crocodiles in Kom Ombo. And take a horse-drawn chariot to the magnificent Temple of Horus in Edfu. There’s so much to see in Egypt other than the pyramids, with each site offering an opportunity to learn about ancient Egyptian history (and get envious Insta pics!).

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Dress Code

When you’re visiting temples and religious sites in Egypt, it’s best not to wear shorts or have your shoulders uncovered. Do as the locals do and wear loose pants and tops. For the ladies, bring a scarf to wrap around your shoulders when you visit temples. I wore my elephant pants everywhere and fit right in with the Egyptians!

Wear comfortable shoes because you’ll be doing a lot of walking in Egypt. Be prepared for hot days and cold nights. It is the desert, after all!

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What you really need to know about Egyptian locals is that they LOVE talking, especially with tourists! Most of them speak English (and to my surprise, Spanish and Mandarin) so the language barrier isn’t really an issue.

They’ll try to sell you things, of course, but they’re just being friendly. They also love to barter so if you find something at a market that you like, don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price. As with interacting with anyone, be respectful and they’ll return the gesture.

Want to learn more about Marina’s prize winning trip to Egypt with Contiki? Check out the write up she did for her own blog, Marina’s Milestones, or submit your own stories to six-two’s community program for the chance to win a Contiki trip anywhere in the world…